The thorny question of the return of the children of jihadists to France

They are still about 200 prisoners and alone in the Syrian Badia. Unlike its European neighbours, France remains reluctant to repatriate the sons of jihadists even though those who have returned dissolve into the normalcy of a rediscovered childhood. Since 2016, 126 children whose parents joined the territories occupied by the Islamic State have been … Read more

France is out of step with its European neighbors

Belgium repatriated six women and sixteen children from Syria to jihadists of Belgian nationality on Tuesday, June 21st. The women were locked up as soon as they reached the land, when the children were taken care of by the Youth Protection Services. Federal prosecutor Frederic Van Liu described this repatriation as ‘political decision (…) On … Read more

The terrorist organization PKK/YPG forces children to join its ranks in Syria and Iraq

AA / Erbil (Iraq) In the wake of Turkey’s successful operations against it, the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) continues to forcibly recruit children to join its ranks in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist group suffered heavy losses, especially after Ankara launched a series of “claw” operations in recent years. The loss of the momentum … Read more