Caution: Avoid home accidents in children | association

Swimming session for children in Nam Dinh (North). Photo: VNA / CVN Hanoi (VNA) – After the school year ends, children usually stay home during the summer holidays. So the risks of accidents like suffocation, drowning, burns, poisoning etc. tend to increase, especially due to lack of adult supervision. At the end of April 2022, … Read more

In Lyon, parents of 200 French children in Syria denounce the government that wants to “make them invisible”

“Get us out of here,” is the message Mark and his companion received from their grandchildren who are being held in camps in Syria. For more than 3 years, nearly 200 French children and their mothers have been living in Roj and Al-Hol camps in the Kurdish north-east of Syria. “Their only crime is to … Read more

The plight of mothers who want to protect their children

Child victims of unbelievable incest who are sent to spend the weekend with the abusive parent, mothers accused of manipulation and coercion: Child protection is often littered with hardships for mothers. The Independent Commission on Incest and Child Sexual Abuse (Ciivise), tasked by the government with making recommendations on public policy to better protect children, … Read more

Alert for thousands of children in Ukrainian orphanages

Tens of thousands of children stranded or displaced by bombs, transported to countries through sometimes poorly supervised initiatives and across border regions haunted by human traffickers, tens of thousands of children in institutions in Ukraine, whose lives were precarious before the war They live in a “chaotic” situation, warned NGOs and experts. Ukraine is an … Read more