After leaving Ukraine under bombardment, Natasha and her children find sanctuary in Desisi

Natasha Baidok, 38, left Ukraine and arrived in Disis on March 11 with her two children, Micah, 7, and Maria, 12. She is in daily contact, by phone, with her husband, Artem, who has remained in their country. It was the Decizoise family, made up of Hervé and Anna Cotton and their children Eléna, Romain … Read more

Twenty-eight Ukrainian children receive care in public schools in Never

In the same way as the Small Nivernais, Ukrainian children are distributed in schools according to their place of residence, and sent to a school, college or high school in their sector. Once in their class, students quickly complete a placement assessment after arriving in Ukrainian. They have language, math and reading texts. This allows … Read more