Less than one scientific article per year and for each teacher-researcher

The National Evaluation Authority of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research has prepared a study on “Scientific and Technological Research in Morocco”, the results of which were presented on Tuesday during a webinar moderated by the director of the Institute, Rahma Bourguia. According to the latter, “scientific research does not mobilize all … Read more

Vegetarian children are twice as likely to be overweight than those who eat everything

Vegetarian food is increasingly being introduced and made available to children, especially in school canteens. ©Nicholas Tokat/AFP balanced diet According to a study conducted by Canadian researchers, vegetarian children are twice as likely to be underweight. Is it possible to follow a vegetarian diet without losing weight? Atlantico: According to a study of nearly 9,000 … Read more

Who are the most influential researchers in the world?

ranking Highly Cited Researchers Scholars list the most cited each year. Americans take the lion’s share, but few big French names are doing well. However, this type of list based on the number of publications causes some researchers to cringe, encouraging hoaxes and even fraud. You will also be interested Half of the world’s most … Read more