France is out of step with its European neighbors

Belgium repatriated six women and sixteen children from Syria to jihadists of Belgian nationality on Tuesday, June 21st. The women were locked up as soon as they reached the land, when the children were taken care of by the Youth Protection Services. Federal prosecutor Frederic Van Liu described this repatriation as ‘political decision (…) On … Read more

In one month, seven children or children were locked up in a detention center

She hopes to never set foot there again. Maria (1) and her nine-month-old daughter spent a “scary” week in the administrative detention center (Arch) from Mesnil-Amelot (77). Their daily life is permeated with dirt, fatigue and stress. Originally from Ivory Coast, she has been in France for about a year now. The young woman applied … Read more

Montroy: Despite the work of rapper Kalash, there are 120 women and children who are threatened with expulsion

Montreux (93) – Ibrahim, 12 months, plays in his blue trough. Laugh. His mother, Sharif, doused him with soap and poured water over his cold little body using a plastic bowl. The two smile at each other and laugh. But when Sharif looks away from his son, another, harder face appears. With 120 women and … Read more

My Letter to the French Parents

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – In an open letter addressed to parents of students, candidate for legislative elections and leader of the Reconquête! He is concerned about the appointment of a new Minister for National Education and, more broadly, about the “imposed subversive education” of children. Leader of the Reconquête Party! Eric Zemmour is a candidate … Read more

After the Ovaldi massacre, the first chilling testimonies from the surviving children

On the eve of President Joe Biden’s visit, America on Saturday found the first testimonies of children who survived the Yuvaldi massacre, describing the horror at this Texas school where a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers. The day before, Texas authorities took responsibility, admitting that the police had made a “bad decision” not … Read more

In Lyon, parents of 200 French children in Syria denounce the government that wants to “make them invisible”

“Get us out of here,” is the message Mark and his companion received from their grandchildren who are being held in camps in Syria. For more than 3 years, nearly 200 French children and their mothers have been living in Roj and Al-Hol camps in the Kurdish north-east of Syria. “Their only crime is to … Read more

“We must restore free education to all French children abroad”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – For Naama Mofaddal, LR’s nominee to represent French expatriates in the Maghreb and West Africa, the tuition fees that French people must pay abroad outside of Europe go against the principle of equality between citizens. Naama Moufadil was a municipal councilor in Dru, Trapes and Mantes-la-Jolie, then assistant in Valérie Becresse’s … Read more

15 years in prison wanted for Father Fabrice Ibrahim

15 years in prison accompanied by a 10-year social and judicial follow-up was just wanted against a Plaine des Palmistes priest for the rape of a parishioner and her son, a teenager at the time of the events. Before being relieved of his duties, Father Fabrice Ibrahim formally worked in the parish of the city … Read more