Horn of Africa: Child marriage increases as drought intensifies

Nairobi, 29 June 2022 – In the drought-hit regions of Ethiopia, the rate of child marriage has on average more than doubled within a year, according to a UNICEF analysis. The number of children at risk of dropping out of school in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia due to the impact of the crisis tripled in … Read more

Nearly 37 million children are displaced worldwide – the highest number ever recorded

New York / Paris, 17 June 2022 – Les conflits, la violence et d’autres ont laissé un nombre record de 36.5 millions d’enfants déplacés de chez eux à la fin de 2021, selon les estimations de l’UNICEF – le nombre le plus élevé enregisté depuis la World War. This number includes 13.7 million from children … Read more

Ukraine: The devastating impact of war on children

New York, June 14, 2022 – “ I spent the past week in Ukraine, meeting children and families affected by war, seeing the importance of UNICEF’s humanitarian response and meeting the authorities and my colleagues at the United Nations and partner organizations. I was able to travel to Kyiv, Erbin, Bucha, Zhytomyr and Lviv, and … Read more

One billion children, adults and older people with disabilities do not have access to assistive technologies

Geneva / New York, May 16, 2022 – A new report released by the World Health Organization and UNICEF today reveals that more than 2.5 billion people need one or more assistive products, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or applications that enhance communication and cognition. However, nearly a billion of them lack access, particularly in … Read more

Supporting the future of Syria and the region

BRUSSELS, 10 May 2022 – “ Excellencies, colleagues and friends, thank you very much for inviting me here today. Syria is now one of the most dangerous places in the world for a child.An entire generation is struggling to survive. nearly 90 Of the Syrian population lives in poverty. more than 6.5 One million children … Read more

Ukraine: Children in institutions suffer double punishment

Geneva / Lviv, Ukraine, May 6, 2022 – “The situation in Ukraine represents a child protection crisis of extraordinary proportions, the like of which we may not have seen before. The two-month war in Ukraine has displaced 7.7 million people within the country and forced more than 5.5 million people to cross international borders, including … Read more

A tragic end to the school year in Ukraine, with child deaths, empty classrooms and destruction of school facilities

Kyiv / New York 4 mayo 2022 – At least one in six UNICEF-supported schools in eastern Ukraine has been damaged or destroyed since the start of the war, including the school 36 – The only “protected school” in Mariupol – which bear witness to the dramatic impact of conflict on the lives and futures … Read more

“Every day the war continues, children continue to suffer”

NEW YORK, 11 April 2022 – “Mr. President, Excellencies and colleagues, I would like to express my appreciation to Ambassador Thomas Greenfield and Ambassador Ferit Hoeksa for convening today’s meeting. I would also like to thank Ambassador Woodward and the United Kingdom for hosting this briefing during your presidency of the Security Council. I returned … Read more