The thorny question of the return of the children of jihadists to France

They are still about 200 prisoners and alone in the Syrian Badia. Unlike its European neighbours, France remains reluctant to repatriate the sons of jihadists even though those who have returned dissolve into the normalcy of a rediscovered childhood. Since 2016, 126 children whose parents joined the territories occupied by the Islamic State have been … Read more

France is out of step with its European neighbors

Belgium repatriated six women and sixteen children from Syria to jihadists of Belgian nationality on Tuesday, June 21st. The women were locked up as soon as they reached the land, when the children were taken care of by the Youth Protection Services. Federal prosecutor Frederic Van Liu described this repatriation as ‘political decision (…) On … Read more

A mother left for Peru without her three children

Can an undocumented father be deported from France without his children? Anyway, that’s what happened to Jacqueline Carmen Odante Montura, a mother who was flown on June 1 to Peru, where she belongs. His three sons, aged 7, 17 and 22, resided in France with their father, also without a residence permit. who was a … Read more

Children are “a population that is not taken care of in France”.

An unprecedented study on the mental health of children aged 3 to 11 was launched on Monday by Public Health France, two years after the health crisis began. About 30,000 children will be interviewed across France to obtain data on young children’s well-being and mental health. Young children whose suffering often kills or goes unnoticed. … Read more

Political lessons from the 2022 French presidential election

Emmanuel Macron’s re-election against neo-fascist candidate Marine Le Pen did not solve any of the political questions the election posed to workers and youth. This will not stop the growing danger of a far-right dictatorship. But this will not stop the working class moving to the left and entering into the struggle either. As an … Read more

Ways to protect children from sexual violence

Posted in: 03/31/2022 – 09:11 On Thursday, the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence Against Children (Ciivise) publishes its proposals to protect children from sexual crimes. Among his recommendations, a clear obligation for clinicians to report their suspicions, and systematic access to trauma care for all victims. “Justice must be in the honor of … Read more