Less than one scientific article per year and for each teacher-researcher

The National Evaluation Authority of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research has prepared a study on “Scientific and Technological Research in Morocco”, the results of which were presented on Tuesday during a webinar moderated by the director of the Institute, Rahma Bourguia. According to the latter, “scientific research does not mobilize all … Read more

Amazing operation at the heart of the “dark web”: 150 hackers arrested

French gendarmes and police, under the auspices of Europol, participated in a planetary operation that led to the arrest of 150 cybercriminals around the world. After several months of global tracking conducted in complete secrecy, police and gendarmerie in nine countries have just carried out an astonishing crackdown in the heart of the Dark Web. … Read more

An online school solution for 1 million refugee children

Education is a right often denied to those who have fled their country. Nearly half of refugee children are out of school according to the United Nations, and due to recent conflicts, this number continues to rise. To help tackle this, Dubai-based Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Initiatives has launched the Digital School, which aims to … Read more

In Paris, families and staff mobilize against the disappearance of kindergarten

Report – 100 to 150 people gather to protest the upcoming closure of these institutions, half nurseries, and half nursery schools. Nearly 17,000 signatures of ‘Save Kindergarten’ petition … but fewer than 150 people present in front of the 12-person city hallAnd. “I wish there were more people”, one of the participants grins. Parents, children … Read more