The thorny question of the return of the children of jihadists to France

They are still about 200 prisoners and alone in the Syrian Badia. Unlike its European neighbours, France remains reluctant to repatriate the sons of jihadists even though those who have returned dissolve into the normalcy of a rediscovered childhood. Since 2016, 126 children whose parents joined the territories occupied by the Islamic State have been … Read more

Adopted children discover they have been trafficked

“I found a whole family” Céline Breysse (1), adopted in Sri Lanka “I arrived in France in February 1983 when I was two months old and had been adopted by two wonderful parents with whom I have always had very good relations. Thus, when I asked them as a teenager, they informed me of all … Read more

Children in search of their origins

“Very very happy. ” Yes Thomas “Really very happy.” The young man from Boy-en-Ville almost stammered. He had been full of emotions since the phone call he received a few days ago. At the end of the line, a voice from Ethiopia spoke these few words: “I’ve found your biological mother. She wants to talk … Read more

Tindouf: Child soldiers a war crime

The indoctrination and recruitment of children by the armed “Polisario” militias is an inhuman crime. Denying the basic rights of child soldiers. A flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions and international covenants. 49e The session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva in mid-March was an opportunity to return to the subject of child soldiers. … Read more

Dogs think like children!

“Monsters of Science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful tales told to live in all their freshness. But also in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the treasures of the world. In this new episode, let’s go back to the episode that’s definitely closest to us: the dog. We’ve never seen a child … Read more

France is out of step with its European neighbors

Belgium repatriated six women and sixteen children from Syria to jihadists of Belgian nationality on Tuesday, June 21st. The women were locked up as soon as they reached the land, when the children were taken care of by the Youth Protection Services. Federal prosecutor Frederic Van Liu described this repatriation as ‘political decision (…) On … Read more

Place of life, marriage, children … How decisions are made in spouses

Who says a couple’s decision immediately thinks big, with the sexiest questions: live together? For marriage ? You have a child? change region? Choices are basic but they include only a small part of the broad field of arbitration upon which the lives of the spouses are built. On a daily basis, you have to … Read more

“Condemned Children” from Bessi’s March … (reportage)

AA / Ouagadougou / Dramane Traore Young Drissa Ouedraogo tries to break blocks of large stones into several pieces, under a small makeshift shed made of worn-out tarps and blankets. In the midst of several hundred people, we see teenagers and children, some with loads on their heads. We are in the granite quarry Bessi … Read more

NOUNOU ADOM, Vendée’s experts in home childcare

Vendée specializes in home child care, NOUNOU ADOM supports families and offers them the right solution. Whether it’s regular or occasional childcare, weekdays or weekends, Wednesdays or holidays, the headache of childcare at Vendée is over thanks to the NANNY ADOM teams! CALLING NOUNOU ADOM means allowing parents to peacefully reconcile their professional, family and … Read more

A mother left for Peru without her three children

Can an undocumented father be deported from France without his children? Anyway, that’s what happened to Jacqueline Carmen Odante Montura, a mother who was flown on June 1 to Peru, where she belongs. His three sons, aged 7, 17 and 22, resided in France with their father, also without a residence permit. who was a … Read more