In one month, seven children or children were locked up in a detention center

She hopes to never set foot there again. Maria (1) and her nine-month-old daughter spent a “scary” week in the administrative detention center (Arch) from Mesnil-Amelot (77). Their daily life is permeated with dirt, fatigue and stress. Originally from Ivory Coast, she has been in France for about a year now. The young woman applied … Read more

Montroy: Despite the work of rapper Kalash, there are 120 women and children who are threatened with expulsion

Montreux (93) – Ibrahim, 12 months, plays in his blue trough. Laugh. His mother, Sharif, doused him with soap and poured water over his cold little body using a plastic bowl. The two smile at each other and laugh. But when Sharif looks away from his son, another, harder face appears. With 120 women and … Read more

“Boomers give themselves a happy time on the backs of their babies”

FIGAROVOX / MAINTENANCE – For François de Closets, author of boomer arcThe policies were implemented at the expense of the youth. The individual reasoning of this generation must be replaced by a new social cohesion that makes it possible to respond to the challenge of aging, says the journalist. François de Closets is a journalist … Read more

Caution: Avoid home accidents in children | association

Swimming session for children in Nam Dinh (North). Photo: VNA / CVN Hanoi (VNA) – After the school year ends, children usually stay home during the summer holidays. So the risks of accidents like suffocation, drowning, burns, poisoning etc. tend to increase, especially due to lack of adult supervision. At the end of April 2022, … Read more

After the Ovaldi massacre, the first chilling testimonies from the surviving children

On the eve of President Joe Biden’s visit, America on Saturday found the first testimonies of children who survived the Yuvaldi massacre, describing the horror at this Texas school where a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers. The day before, Texas authorities took responsibility, admitting that the police had made a “bad decision” not … Read more

“Kids smell everything. From my experience with my son, I strongly believe in him.

Actress on the Croisette in The Five Demonsby Léa Mysius, where she plays the mother of a young girl with magical powers. Eight-year-old Vicky has a secret: a highly developed sense of smell that allows her to penetrate other people’s memories. Thus she discovers the past of her mother, Joan, a former beauty queen living … Read more

“Google, Amazon and Facebook’s monopoly is a threat to democracy”

maintenance – at New WestAnd Olivier Bomsel and Rémi Devaux show how giants beat the web by shutting down the market, like Rockefeller in the nineteenth century. Even if it means endangering the social order? Olivier Pomsel is Professor of Economics and Director of the Chair in Media and Brand Economics at Mines ParisTech. Co-written … Read more

“Love is not a blackboard that can be erased at leisure to write a new story on it.”

again in the other woman, Romanian writer and director explores the disorder of love. In this manipulative story set in the age of social networks, she offers a subtle, romantic, and political look at a modern couple. In his new novel, the other woman, director and writer Cristina Comincini tackles in a very personal way … Read more

Solidarity meal to help the children of India and Nepal

The NGO AEIN will organize its Indian and Nepalese Festival on the 5th of June. The opportunity to discover and support the association in its projects. After a year of hiatus due to Covid, festivities are resuming for the NGO Aiding the Children of India and Nepal (AEIN). But things are changing a bit this … Read more

Why do they stay in a toxic relationship?

By Juliana Bruno published On 05/06/2014 at 00:00And Update On 09/24/2014 at 17:47 Psychologist Gabrielle Rubin works to decode the mechanisms that drive victims to stay in touch with their torturer Do you have a low opinion of yourself? Do you think you don’t deserve to share your life with a good person? A simple … Read more