Reception and education of Ukrainian children

Welcome to Ukrainian Students: The National Education Staff is fully mobilized to ensure rapid education and in the most normal possible conditions for students from Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. Ukrainian citizens Ви громадянин країни та прибуваєте у ранцію?ерегляньте важливу нформацію тут Welcoming students from Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees Ensuring access to education Articles L.111-1 and … Read more

Finance giant Fidelity Investments launches metaverse and crypto ETFs

The world’s fourth-largest asset manager launched a total of seven new funds around April 21. Individual investors and financial advisors will be able to purchase them without commission through Fidelity’s online brokerage platforms. Two New Crypto ETFs for Fidelity In response to investor demand, Fidelity is launching two new crypto-themed funds. Fidelity Crypto Industry and … Read more

The most common problems after 10 years of marriage (and how to fix them)

After 10 years of union, things are no longer the same as before. The honeymoon period is over and some couples are experiencing marital problems. Don’t panic! Specialists explained to Huffington Post American issues often faced by the spouses and even offers them solutions to solve them. Couple or roommates? After 10 years of marriage, … Read more

Rats and mice climb up and bite my two toddlers in their sleep in the infernal housing association apartment – Up News Info

A mother is left terrified after living with mice crawling and biting her young children as they sleep in their hellish apartment. Mary Duncan, 29, says she felt “suicidal” and described her social housing in Victoria, London, as a “prison”. Mary Duncan said her apartment left her ‘helpless’ and ‘suicidal’Credit: BPM Mary says her apartment … Read more

Chastity, yes, I wanted to live it

Noémie, 24, sports store manager and Julian, 27, freelancers at events, explain their vow of chastity to us: a practice encouraged by surrounding Christians, but often misunderstood by others in the age of Tinder. Married for two years, split between some Gruyère engravings and now parents of a young child, they conjure in hindsight the … Read more

How to protect children

A few numbers to start with… ▪️ By the age of 12, nearly 1 in 3 kids have already been exposed to pornographic videos▪️ One in two young men says they stumbled across it by chance▪️ More than half think they saw their first porn at a very young age. Step One: Activate Parental Controls … Read more

Amber Heard’s Lawyers Describe ‘The Beast’ in Johnny Depp’s Movie

FAIRFAX, US: Outbursts of ‘anger’ culminating in physical and sexual violence: Lawyers for Amber Heard on Tuesday described in a US court the hell the young actress, victim of her husband Johnny Depp, would have lived through, according to them to the “monster” with drugs and alcohol. The ex-couple accused each other of defamation during … Read more