Women are sexually assaulted in Metaverse

Alarming accounts of women who have been sexually assaulted and harassed are piling up in the Metaverse, according to online watchdogs. A 21-year-old woman said she was raped less than an hour after being in the Metaverse area, according to a new report from SumOfUs, a “nonprofit advocacy organization and online community that campaigns to … Read more

Stranger Things opens about Nancy’s love triangle with Steve and Jonathan

What is its end? Nancy Wheeler (Natalia DyerLove life gets more complicated in season 4 Weird things The actors had their own thoughts about choosing Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry) or Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). newcomer Edward Frankwho plays Argyle, said exclusively we weekly Earlier this month, “I want Jonathan to be happy. Who doesn’t? Steve … Read more

The testimonies of the surviving children confirm the wait-and-see attitude of the police

As the controversy over the police response time during the Ovaldi, Texas shooting escalates, the first testimonies from the surviving children are beginning to emerge. On the eve of President Joe Biden’s visit, the first testimonies emerged from children who survived the Yuvaldi massacre on Saturday, describing the horror at this Texas school where a … Read more

Metaverse Marketing Guide

In a world where AR/VR occupies an important place, mastering metaverse marketing is no longer an option. This is especially true for event professionals who are considering riding the wave of technological development. After the dazzling arrival of the virtual formula, the agencies barely had time to soak up the hybrid. And indeed, there is … Read more

Their disabled children are prohibited from accompanying people in school, and parents take legal action

His application to the Administrative Court of Nice led to his dismissal. “but whatever”Marie Locote rejoices. Starting next week, a Companion for Children with Disabilities (AESH) should finally be assigned to her son. Great relief for this Minton mom who has been fighting for months with her husband to win her case. Their son Theo … Read more

How to organize an event in metaverse?

In the era of massive technological advancement, the metaverse has become a popular place to hold an event. The virtual format has found its place in the industry since the Covid-19 pandemic. This is followed by the inclusion AR and VR innovations, providing new experimental opportunities to the public. More and more specialists are now … Read more