Digital Universes – My First Meta-Step in NFT and Metavers, Special Podcast with Emilie-Alice Fabrizi!

– My First Meta-Step into NFT and Metavers, an exclusive podcast with Emilie-Alice Fabrizi! In their full pursuit of diversity, men still largely dominate the world of technology. To break the codes, -Pulse Incubator HES invited Emilie-Alice Fabrizi, Brand Strategist at Freestudios, to speak on NFT and speak before an audience of inspiring women. If … Read more

The Sandbox, a look back at the famous metaverse that opens the doors for Web 3.0

dead walkingAnd Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Gucci and even Carrefour … Celebrities and global brands take a stake in The Sandbox signed from the metaverse, a success story launched in 2011 by two Frenchmen, Sebastien Bourget and Arthur Madrid. The two assistants launched three startups, including the mobile video game studio behind The Sandbox license, which … Read more

Web 3.0: When MetaMask and OpenSea Crash Our Dream of “Decentralization”!

This week we received a powerhouse review from Infura, MetaMask, and OpenSea. The latter has already banned many Iranian and Venezuelan users for reasons of lack of ” Legal ComplianceDropped a new bombshell in the middle of Web 3, ideally considered the core of decentralization. OpenSea, which was already the subject of the decentralization problem, … Read more

Chinese Bitcoin giant Binance is creating its own Web3 space at Station F.

Binance loves France and intends to complete the relationship. Moreover, in these exact terms, “We love France”, That press release announcing the creation of the Web3 space at Terminal F begins. “We are committed to building and supporting a strong ecosystem around blockchain, Web.3 and metaverses. By taking France as a springboard for Europe, we … Read more

The Ukrainian Library Association appeals to scientific publishers

“Calling publishers and scientific content providers to stop the war in Ukraine !» With this warning, the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA) begins its letter to scientific publishers, but also to all publishers in general. A joint message on the association’s Facebook page. For this solemn appeal, the non-governmental professional association founded in 1995 cooperated with the … Read more

The extension that wanted to encrypt the web will stop, because the web is encrypted

The HTTPS Everywhere extension, which is used to automatically connect to websites in a secure manner, is receding. In 2022, it will be deactivated. It is no longer useful now that the web is globally encrypted. HTTPS Everywhere is heading towards a well-deserved retirement. The web extension, available for major web browsers, should already be … Read more

Le Pen threatens Germany and Algeria

On April 13, Marine Le Pen presented an aggressive foreign policy at a public meeting in Paris. The neo-fascist candidate called for an end to cooperation with Germany and threatened to suspend the granting of visas to Algerians, while threatening Muslims in France with a violent repressive policy. French far-right leader Marine Le Pen delivers … Read more

Syntropy: Blockchain Edition for the Web!

Concept Web 3.0 Perhaps it deserves an Academy Award for Revelation for 2021. A peer-to-peer Internet ecosystem, such as the blockchain, is sometimes considered to bebuzzwordPregnancy. Above all, it represents a heterogeneous group of new technologies destined to replace Web 2.0. Metaverse, virtual reality, 5G, connected objects, autonomous vehicles all have one thing in common: … Read more

[CR] Let’s demystify the dark web

What is the dark web? The web consists of three main layers, first, the clear web can be accessed through Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo. This is the layer we use in our daily activities. Second, the deep web is a big part of the hidden internet. It cannot be accessed using traditional search engines. … Read more

How Decentraland’s Big Metaverse Retail Fashion Week Experience Unfolded With Virtual Stores, NFT Apparel, Bored Monkey Collaboration & More

Selfridges launched its Metaverse flagship store in Decentraland for Metaverse Fashion Week. Selfridges Decentraland Fashion Week (MVFW) introduced a staple missing from its physical counterparts. Besides digital shows and virtual parties that ran from March 24 to 27, the event included a major official retail show – purpose-built pop-up stores by top stars such as … Read more