Metaverse: How much will Decentraland (MANA) be worth by 2025? Here are 3 crypto experts’ predictions for MANA price from 2023 to 2025!

The project was created by Decentraland Foundation In 2015. So you can see that this game has been in the market for a long time. The team held an ICO in 2017 and managed to raise around 90,000 ETH (Which was about $26 million at the time). However, the virtual reality platform was only opened … Read more

Women are sexually assaulted in Metaverse

Alarming accounts of women who have been sexually assaulted and harassed are piling up in the Metaverse, according to online watchdogs. A 21-year-old woman said she was raped less than an hour after being in the Metaverse area, according to a new report from SumOfUs, a “nonprofit advocacy organization and online community that campaigns to … Read more

Metaverse Marketing Guide

In a world where AR/VR occupies an important place, mastering metaverse marketing is no longer an option. This is especially true for event professionals who are considering riding the wave of technological development. After the dazzling arrival of the virtual formula, the agencies barely had time to soak up the hybrid. And indeed, there is … Read more

How to organize an event in metaverse?

In the era of massive technological advancement, the metaverse has become a popular place to hold an event. The virtual format has found its place in the industry since the Covid-19 pandemic. This is followed by the inclusion AR and VR innovations, providing new experimental opportunities to the public. More and more specialists are now … Read more

Keys to Successful NA’s First Virtual Meeting

When the real default helps. The last two years of a pandemic and consecutive confinement have led to great upheavals in society: around our consumption, our habits, our uses and our psyche, from our dreams to our memories, but also our mental health. Isolation, anxiety, fear, or boredom have weakened already vulnerable people. All addictions … Read more

Will it be the first Chinese metaverse?

As a reminder, the term “metaverse” is an abbreviation of the words “meta” (which denotes a panoramic view) and “verses” for “universe”. The word refers to digital spaces that are more advanced than virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality. It is about extending our reality into shared virtual spaces, designed in a 3D environment. The … Read more