How do you welcome your child during mourning for your twins?

Mourning – It’s a drama with a taboo: the death of death that rubs the shoulders with the birth of a child. Football star Cristiano Ronaldo, who was waiting for twins with his girlfriend, announced on April 18 on social media the death of one of the newborns. “It is with great sadness that we … Read more

Children undergo the “10 days without screens” operation

The challenge was first met by 3,000 pupils and parents from 21 primary and elementary schools in Bordeaux. It aims to raise awareness about excessive screen use through debates and recreational activities. “It’s a dangerous addiction,” says Sylvie Gustem, Pierre-Hermec’s assistant in charge of health security. While children ages 1 to 6 spend an average … Read more

Three questions about the history of children’s books

It is necessary to distinguish between the so-called “children’s books” and those that constitute “children’s and young adult literature”. It would take centuries to pass from the first to the second, and this literature would then continue to change. Let’s lay out some of the highlights of this complex story, which we’d be forgiven for … Read more

Raising children’s awareness of the use of screens in Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme)

The scene is almost normal. Parents address their child, alternately a boy and a girl. The latter, absorbed in the photos of their smartphones, does not care about him. The patience of adults wanes. Annoyance gradually gives way to anger. It is the clash. Although it’s just fiction here, the characters played by actors Grégoire … Read more

Presidency 2022: Children’s rights must be the compass of future mandate

5 million children live in France at the current hour, That is one-fifth of the populationFew of them see their rights generally respected. Over the past twenty years, More than 50,000 children have been held in detention and in the waiting area And over the past ten years, 115 children, mostly under the age of … Read more

Connected hours for kids that reassure parents

Xplora is one of the few tech brands that offer kids connected watches. They differ from adult smartwatches by incorporating reassuring safety tools, without ignoring communications and physical activity monitoring. What if kids also benefited from a connected watch? That’s the bet for Xplora, a Norwegian company that designs smartwatches designed primarily for children, but … Read more

After leaving Ukraine under bombardment, Natasha and her children find sanctuary in Desisi

Natasha Baidok, 38, left Ukraine and arrived in Disis on March 11 with her two children, Micah, 7, and Maria, 12. She is in daily contact, by phone, with her husband, Artem, who has remained in their country. It was the Decizoise family, made up of Hervé and Anna Cotton and their children Eléna, Romain … Read more