Pediatric surgeon: Successful parents do these 3 things with their children to build their brains – Reuters

Early childhood is a period of rapid brain development. In fact, 90% of a child’s brain development occurs before the age of five – and much of it depends on the language environment. This is why frequent and rich service and return interactions are essential for brain and social development. Stimulating activities – talking, smiling, … Read more

ICR calls for better consideration of youth voices in public spaces

In the same vein of ideas as women and indigenous peoples who demand that we stop talking and implement initiatives for them, but without them, the International Bureau for Child Rights (IBCR) is working so that young people can participate in decision-making on issues that concern them. In February 2021,, the Canadian center for … Read more

The testimonies of the surviving children confirm the wait-and-see attitude of the police

As the controversy over the police response time during the Ovaldi, Texas shooting escalates, the first testimonies from the surviving children are beginning to emerge. On the eve of President Joe Biden’s visit, the first testimonies emerged from children who survived the Yuvaldi massacre on Saturday, describing the horror at this Texas school where a … Read more

Their disabled children are prohibited from accompanying people in school, and parents take legal action

His application to the Administrative Court of Nice led to his dismissal. “but whatever”Marie Locote rejoices. Starting next week, a Companion for Children with Disabilities (AESH) should finally be assigned to her son. Great relief for this Minton mom who has been fighting for months with her husband to win her case. Their son Theo … Read more

“Kids smell everything. From my experience with my son, I strongly believe in him.

Actress on the Croisette in The Five Demonsby Léa Mysius, where she plays the mother of a young girl with magical powers. Eight-year-old Vicky has a secret: a highly developed sense of smell that allows her to penetrate other people’s memories. Thus she discovers the past of her mother, Joan, a former beauty queen living … Read more

The Disappearance of Children: Yannis Morey, Marion Wagon, Matisse Guano … The Five Most Mysterious Cases

Wednesday 25 May was International Missing Children’s Day. The chance to return to these disappearances of the palace, more than mysterious … Children disappear every year and some are never found. On the occasion of International Missing Children’s Day, Wednesday, May 25, the Children’s Rights Foundation mobilized to once again alert residents to these mysterious … Read more