The opening of a third chapter in Saint-Hellier: the parents and the municipality continue to fight

The parents of the pupils decided not to give up the fight for the opening of a third class within the École Saint-Hellier. (© Awakening Neufchâtel)

The number of registered children is greater than the number of children acceptedThe school From Saint HelierClose Bellencombre (Seine Maritime)This is the dilemma facing the municipality.

Whether it is about parents of students or the municipality, the situation cannot continue. What they ask for is the opening of 3e Class.

A growing number of students

Class is already ready. We have space and furniture. Only one teacher is missing.

Parents of students

And the anger and incomprehension felt by the parents, who decided to mobilize. In fact, without 3e Chapter, Saint-Hellier’s municipality will no longer be able to accommodate the children of the village. A problem for new families.

Saint-Hellier’s population is constantly growing. These are families with young children who are settling down. At the beginning of the school year, it is likely that at least three children will arrive at our school.

Alan Lucasmayor

Currently, two multi-level classes (kindergarten and one primary) are open.

A necessity for our children and society

But another problem arises: students from outside the municipalities are required not to welcome students.

It is unwise for the mayor to choose to welcome children outside the municipality without agreement with the members of the respective village councils.

Olivier WambekAcademic Director of National Education Services

In fact, Saint-Hellier School receives seven students from outside the municipality. “These latter are from Cressy and Sévis, two towns closer to us than Auffay, where it has been suggested that parents register their children there. Moreover, it is not possible for students to change schools during the course.”

And for concerned parents, this is not a solution.

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Saint Helier is closer to our house and on the way to our work. Above all, we don’t need to get our kids to the nursery so they can take transportation.

Many student mothers from Cressy and Sévis

The question parents and elected officials ask themselves is “Why do we not welcome children from abroad when this is the case in other municipalities”.

To this end, the students’ parents requested that the same regulations issued by the school inspectorate be applied uniformly and in compliance with the regulations in all municipalities in terms of student registration and admission.

What future for the school?

Suspicion about the opening of a third chapter raises another concern among elected officials and parents: the departure of families or the refusal to settle in the city.
“If we cannot accept children of people who are already there or who want to settle, the danger is that they will go elsewhere. It will not be good for the city or for the future of the school, which we have been fighting for for many years,” feared the parents of the students and the mayor.
Alan Lucas states: “If we do not succeed in finding an amicable agreement, I do not rule out taking legal steps.”
But Olivier Wambek stresses that he will “take responsibility when everyone does the same.” Or work with the Academic Director in relation to receiving children from abroad.

sufficient surface

Opening this 3e The class will also allow to receive all the children of the village. And what the students’ parents demand, “is that all the children of the community be educated in their school.”

However, following a letter dated March 3 from the municipality, the National Education Inspector in charge of the district asked the principal not to accept them because “given the number of 24 pupils in kindergarten and 26 pupils in primary and classroom roof, reception capacity has been reached.”

However, the first judge would like to emphasize that “the total area of ​​the layers is up to 157 m2 i.e. 2.61 m2 Per child if we get to 60 students. Regulatory ratio 1.20 m2, we are much higher. »

In order to balance the two categories, it is conceivable to separate the CPs into two parts. So some students will be with the little ones and some with the older kids. What we reject. We can’t tell our kids that they’ll be with the adults next year and that’s not the case for everyone.

Future CP Parents

And to continue: “These classes are multi-level, the teachers knew how to make it a force. We see it very clearly, children become independent more quickly.”

What parents of students want is “a quieter summer.” However, unlock 3e The class at the beginning of the school year does not seem appropriate.

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