The best of sports in Aachen

From this Friday, June 24 through July 3, the legendary CHIO of Aix-la-Chapelle will be held in Germany. Five disciplines will be represented: show jumping, dressage, event racing, four-man driving and acrobatic exercises.

From tomorrow and for ten days, Aachen will be a true horse capital, welcoming riders, riders and drivers among the best in the world. A program of choice for lovers and also for amateurs, who will undoubtedly be present in great numbers, as about 350,000 spectators expect a “unique atmosphere in the world” as summed up by German dressage rider Isabel Wirth. In total, 330 riders from 32 countries will attend, with 967 hp for 98 hours of the sport! Enough characters to make you dizzy, just like the riders involved.

In the show jump, sixteen of the world’s top 20 will hit the field, such as world number one Martin Fox in Switzerland, British Olympic gold medalist Ben Maher and Germany’s Daniel Deuser, who will try to retain his Grand Prix title at Rolex. Among the French, Roger Yves Post, Nicolas Delmott, Pierre-Marie Friant, Megan Mussonnier and Kevin Stout will make the trip. And don’t forget the Youth Equestrian Games, where Jane Hurrell will represent us!

In dressage, it will be a crème de la crème in Germany as well. We can count on local Isabel Wirth, record holder in the Deutsche Bank, Sunday Free Grand Prix, but she considers Denmark’s Catherine Dufour (world number 2) the favourite. Great competition highlighted by the presence of Swedes Patrick Keitel, Antonia and Juliet Rammell and Britain’s Charlotte Frey or another great German rider, Ingrid Klimke, who, in addition to being part of the dressage squad, will be on the whole team. competition test. This week will also be the stage for Bella Rose’s farewell party, Isabel Wirth’s mare, during the opening ceremony on June 28.

At the event, there will also be an impressive line-up of stars: German Olympic gold medalist Julia Kragowski, world champion Rosalind Kanter (Great Britain), as well as Australian Andrew Hoy, Germany’s Michael Young, Tim and Juneel Price (New Zealand) or even Britain’s William Fox Pete and Tom McQueen. and Sarah Polimore. For France, the team consists of Luc Chateau, Stéphane Landois, Camille Lejeune and Gaspar Maqsoud. Benjamin Masseh will be present individually.

While driving, our leaders Benjamin Aylwood, Anthony Hurdy and Sebastian Vincent will have a hard time tackling big names like Australia’s Boyd Excel or Dutchman Bram Chardon. At the aerobatics, our eyes will be on our three talented acrobats: Manon Moutinho, Lambert Le Clezio and Theo Gardez.

Many challenges and topics

Stephanie Peters, President of Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein eV (ALRV), event organizer, is looking forward to these 10 days of competition. ” We are really glad to finally be able to live again with CHIO from Aix la Chapelle as we all know and love her. Several major challenges lie ahead for regulators in order to maintain and strengthen CHIO’s position. Among the topics of most interest to regulators in the future, we find the development of the commitment of the younger generation and the integration of hand tests. For several years, CHIO has been at Aix la Chapelle developing its digital component. This year, for example, there will be a new conference format, based on data collected by SAP, in the disciplines of showjumping, dressage and full competition. The CO2 footprint calculator has been integrated into the CHIO Aachen app and Web 3.0 technology made its debut in the new edition of the event. Besides the competition, a “#neuland” conference will be held in Aachen, where around 100 distinguished speakers will speak on the most pressing current issues, such as digitalization and connected mobility. The main theme of the second day: Sports, where the focus will be on sustainability and equal opportunity.

Of course, there are exhibitors village and various activities in the program of this equestrian sporting event. An event does not miss. Take your ticket through the ticket office here.

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