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Samsung and Studio 100 are collaborating to create fun videos with Samson & Fred, Mega Mindy and Bumba to teach kids how to experience the digital world of mobile in the safest and healthiest way possible. “Our research shows that parents are concerned about their children’s digital well-being,” says Sven Adams, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Samsung. “With Studio 100, we want to provide an answer to this problem and make sure kids are digitally aware during the summer.”

The holidays are fast approaching. This means: long car trips where children spend their time in the back seat “digitally”. When the recent Samsung study

Sven Adams, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Samsung, explained that more than half of parents were concerned about the digital security of their children, and a collaboration with Studio 100 was quickly established. “Parents don’t want their children to see inappropriate pictures or receive messages from unknown numbers. And rightly so, of course. Digital wellbeing and children’s privacy are top priorities for Samsung and Studio 100.”

little heroes
Studio 100 wants to be a true institution of trust for families. It is very important to us that they make sure that safety is one of our top priorities, so that children and their parents can enjoy our content without worry.

Inge Moerenhout, Commercial Director Licensing & Events at Studio 100 confirms. In the campaign that begins today, the Studio 100 heroes, known to children, appear in several funny videos on four topics: blue light, suspicious messages, time spent in front of the screen and control of Applications (paid). Samson & Fred, Mega Mindy and Bumba explain, in an accessible manner, to children and their parents, the risks and solutions of safe digital entertainment. For example: not staying locked to the screen for too long and going out to play at the right time, or not trusting unknown numbers and above all not answering them…

Digital wellbeing is a current social issue: 46% of parents of 0-6-year-olds are concerned about their children’s use of mobile devices, this shows from a study by Samsung. For parents of children aged 7 to 12 years, this figure is 56%. Parents are particularly concerned about their children seeing unwanted content online (64%), spending a lot of time behind a screen (64%) and receiving messages from strangers (59%). “Privacy and security are intrinsically linked‘ says Samsung’s Sven Adams.

Device security is very important to Samsung. Our Samsung Knox security platform protects the content of every smartphone, tablet, and wearable device against intrusion or malware. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of the entire mobile experience and the Galaxy ecosystem.

Studio 100 also pays special attention to digital luxury. “As a content channel, we believe it is important to further enhance discussion on socially relevant topics such as digital wellbeing. That is why we are so happy to support this awareness campaign‘ says Inge Moreenhout. If our characters can help draw attention to this topic in an accessible way, we are of course happy to participate.Videos featuring Samson & Fred, Mega Mindy and Bumba will be available from today onwards. YouTube channel from Samsung, Samsung website

And on social media for Studio 100 Characters.

Source: DVJ Insights, commissioned by Samsung Electronics Benelux. A total of 259 parents were interviewed in April 2022.

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