Niagara Falls: Find French in Tourist Sites

However, Radio-Canada has published several articles since 2017 about the poor quality of French for various versions of the Hornblower Company website, which was chosen by the Niagara Parks Commission as an exclusive resource for cruises near the falls.

Furthermore, the Parks Commission is governed by the Ontario French Language Services Act.

UNHCR Chief Executive David Adames acknowledges that the English and French versions of the Agency’s regional portal Not quite the same.

Since 2020, we have faced resource constraints due to the global pandemic. For those who want to get the service [en français]That might sound like an excuse. But this is the explanation. »

Quote from David Adams, CEO, Niagara Parks Commission

The commission funds itself with revenue from the area’s tourist attractions, which have seen a significant drop in passengers over the past two years due to COVID-19 and public health restrictions.

Several clickable links on the Niagara Parks Commission website lead to this error page.

Photo: Niagara Parks Commission website

Mr. Adams claims that he takes Bill No. 8 on French language services “seriously”. It promises improvements to the existing web portal, but without specifying a timeline.

As for Hornblower, he explains that the company launched a new website earlier this year and that’s Resources are very limited also.

He promises a follow-up, but does not set a timeline nor rule out the possibility that the company will again use software like Google Translate instead of a professional translator.

Hornblower’s website promises to offer “Ultimate Souvenir: Souvenir”, which is a mistranslation. Only a few paragraphs of the portal in French.

Photo: Niagara City Tours website

Apart from a few paragraphs in French, almost the entire company website that replaced it mist maid In 2014, in English, including the ticket purchase section.

Morey de Maurizio, chief operating officer of Niagara city trips who reports to Hornblower, explains that the development of the new portal is runningwithout setting a date for either translation of the rest of the site.

We do not have a contractual obligation to include French, we must [un site] multilanguage. Of course, we have included the French in Niagara. »

Quote from Mory DiMaurizio, Hornblower Actor

Nothing changes, denounce the French speakers

In 2019 Radio-Canada discussed the French error-ridden site from Hornblower with the Association of Francophonie of Ontario (AFO).

The head of the organization, Carol Jolin, noted that there There is still a lot of work to be done.

It is clear that after three years, nothing has changed. We’re almost at the same point, unfortunately. »

Quote from Carol Jolin, President of AFO

Carol Jolin, president of the Association of Francophones of Ontario (AFO), is disappointed with the situation.

Photo: Radio Canada

Mr. Jolin would like to make improvements quickly, in time for the summer tourism season, noting that Niagara Falls is a popular destination both nationally and internationally. He adds that the Niagara region will host the Canadian Games in August.

It is important that people feel welcome with information in their own languageHe said.

The availability of information in English and French on the website is an opportunity for companies to get more economic benefits, as it attracts French-speaking tourists.he argues.

The Ford government is silent

Ontario’s Minister of Francophone Affairs, Caroline Mulroney, has ignored numerous requests from Radio Canada for an interview or written statement.

The Ministry of Tourism also did not respond to our questions.

Prime Minister Doug Ford is due to announce the formation of his new government on Friday.

Le bureau de l’ombudsman provincial n’a mené aucune enquête formelle sur la Commission des parcs du Niagara et Hornblower par le passé, mais de préciser s’il a déjà reçu une plainte d’un francophone contre sa les deux entités, citant privacy policy.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Deodati said in a written statement: The Parks Commission is a separate entity from the municipality, but from what I understand they continue to review their responsibilities under the French Language Services Act with the aim of providing as many bilingual services as possible to French-speaking visitors and guests.

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