Laurent Aurnac left Paris for Provence with his wife and two children

Beginnings in love are not always easy. Sometimes we have to face each other’s personality, or criticize our loved ones. If we have the will to move forward and if we have faith in our love, nothing can destroy it. This is the inspiring story of Laurent Ournac and Ludivine.

They could have followed the advice of others and become frustrated, in which case they would never get into a relationship. However, despite the mockery and criticism due to the age difference between them (11 years), Laurent Aurnac and Ludivine are in their eighth year of marriage.

They are still in love as on the first day, and their two children have come to complete their happiness. Also, for the well-being of his offspring, the actor decided to leave Paris to settle in the south of the country. Take a look at their love story and focus on their new life in Provence.

No one believes in Laurent Aurnac and Ludivine’s husband: their 11-year-olds did not prevent them from falling in love

If Laurent Aurnac has allowed himself to be guided by the opinions of his relatives, there is a good chance that he is not in a relationship with Ludivine. Indeed, many of his friends mocked him for the age difference with his lover. The latter is 11 years younger than him.

The actor’s friends considered this age difference to be an obstacle that prevents them from living in a real romantic relationship. Despite this, the lovebirds decided to give themselves a chance:

“It didn’t stop us from pursuing our budding relationship with caution,”

a statement.

Ludivine had just earned her bac. She began her nursing training by enrolling in a training school in Versailles, near the home of her beloved.

They faced all obstacles in their way and passed in front of the mayor in July 2014. Still in love with each other, the couple welcomed two children: Nightmare (September 25, 2012) and Leon (February 23, 2019).

Moving to the South of France: A Life in Proof with Two Children

Laurent Aurnac lived in Paris for a long time, before deciding to settle in Provence with his wife and two children. Nous deux questioned him about this new life in the south of the country. According to his secrets, he loves her deeply.

“The south provides great light, year round sunshine, and a more relaxing living environment for children (…) and that’s what we came for, it’s a very good environment to grow and thrive.”

He confessed.

The climate in this part of the country is suitable for them, and the actor highly appreciates the following:

“We live outside. Kids enjoy the pool in the garden, sometimes they go for a snack on the beach after school or take a walk there in the evening”,

He confessed.

Laurent decided to leave Paris for the welfare and education of his children. The latter has a “playground around the house that allows them to have fun”.

They had no problem adopting their new lifestyle, as the comedian explained:

“The adaptation was done in a very natural way.”

Laurent Aurnac and his family have perfectly adapted to their new environment.

Losing a family member: ‘I left a void in the house’

On June 7, 2022, The Camping Paradis star announced sad news to his fans: the death of his dog Marcel. Marcel has been a part of the actor’s life for several years.

Ludivine was the first to speak on this topic, posting the following message:

“The dog, Marcel, left us on Saturday. He chose my birthday to give his last breath. Our pain is immense.”

A few hours later, her husband spoke to praise Marcel:

“Farewell, Marcel…a piece of us leaves with you. You leave a void in the house. Two sad nightmares, Leon doesn’t understand where you are and we feel empty. You left too quickly. No goodbye. No last hug. There are 5 kilos of food left and trash cans to smell. There’s a void.” Without you, we will never forget you.”

Internet users offered him their support via touch messages on social networks:

“Goodbye Marcel, we will miss you”, “It is so sad, good luck. For the whole family, we love them so much our pets and they give us so much”, “Courage to your family, losing an animal is never easy” or “With all my heart is with you”.

Parents…but also the couple: How Laurent Ornac and his wife keep the couple’s flame

Laurent Aurnac and Ludivine are happy parents, but they also make a wonderful couple. Although the actor is often required to travel due to his professional schedule, he always takes the necessary measures so that his absence is not heavy and the flame of their love always shines brightly.

He understands that he and his wife should not rely on what has already been gained:

“We try to get together from time to time, as regularly as possible, often during an event, such as birthdays. We try to say to ourselves, ‘Let’s not forget ourselves as a couple.’ The years that have passed in our history. We also want to experience things without our children, to switch between Family moments and our own, in love ”,


He and his wife do not hide anything from each other. They have reached this level of complicity thanks to their perseverance and their desire to always unite.

“It’s a day job: with my wife, we’re very close and connected all day long,”

He is done.

Isn’t love beautiful?

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