His rivalry to win his car for 1 euro raises controversy

Nahuda plans to leave France and does not intend to burden her bags. So she decided to get rid of her car, which she won in a cat-shaped contest.

Boobs full of plans. After a pregnancy that caused her some complications, companion Ricardo Pinto gave birth to her second child. He is a little boy named Lyle Ricardo, he was born on the 21st of April and thus came to expand the family. Mother announced the good news on snap chatbefore sharing the snapshots of the newborn.

Ricardo and Nohuda, parents of already young Lai, have been in a romantic but turbulent relationship for several years. The couple broke up several times, sometimes with a loss and a breakup. But even though they’ve officially separated, those who met while filming a movie Angels 8 They have a hard time getting away from each other. The young parents even posed together during the photo shoot to celebrate the birth of their son.

Our family is on a little cloud.

So commented the singer.

Ricardo Pinto and Nahuda @Instagram

New life elsewhere?

If Nohuda chose not to publicly trust her private life, it appears that she has forgiven the father of her children. Furthermore it, Terrible lovers decide to leave France to settle abroad. An experience they had already experienced in 2016, when they wanted to live their American dream in Miami. Nehuda wanted to start his musical career in Uncle Sam’s country and scored several titles there. However, nothing went as planned and the couple hurried back to France.

But this failure apparently did not cool the lovebirds. This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Nahuda announced on social networks thatShe was planning her move and didn’t want to take anything with her. She also generously offered her subscribers to participate in it Contest to win your cara Mercedes A-class year 2018.

To get the chance to raffle, each participant must have donated only 1 euro symbolic for your cutie Lychee Posted by singer. On June 12, Nahouda will reveal the name of the person who will win his car and must be available “to be able to pick up the car in the south of France”.

Nehuda @ Instagram

Questionable terms?

Shortly after Nahuda’s story, many netizens noticed some details questioning the altruism of the young mother, who wants to “benefit the people”. In fact, depending on the number of participants, you can collect breasts huge amountmuch higher than the current value of his car.

Which makes many wonder if choosing to use a cat is no small feat, especially for a competition. Especially since there is no clear legal mention.

As of this writing, the Nihood fundraiser has closed and is no longer accessible on the site. Lychee.

Nahouda said she still intends to complete her project and will launch this competition on another platform.

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