Durex launched SexHappiness, the first platform dedicated to fun for everyone

Have you been told a little nonsense too about sexual performance, orgasms, and fantasies? Or what to do or what not to do during sex? Have you been under pressure to get the perfect and sexy body as well? You are not alone, far from it! So, Durex launches first web platform Dedicated to fun! Through it, the brand gives each person the ability to educate themselves and own their own property sexAccording to their tastes and desires. the name of the thing sexThe platform advocates for unrestricted, informed, and always safe sex, he said. In an accessible, simple, inclusive and open tone. Cover on this novelty!

How was your sex education?

Many are not happy with them sex education. The new generation – more connected and therefore more informed – is not happy about that either. This is the result of a survey conducted by the brand at the end of last year. Admittedly, the subject seems (finally) no longer taboo, but the information, which you learn, in enjoyment, does not seem to be fully acquired or worse transmitted.

In France, 85% of women and men between the ages of 18 and 44 feel comfortable with the topic of sexuality, according to a study by Episto. 69% consider that sex education in school should improve. Unfortunately, three adjectives stand out to describe the media’s tone on this topic: inaccessible (24%), Very dehumanizing and scientific (22%) or too strict (20%). Result: the vast majority of them want to disseminate information by “real people” (75%), and specialists (64%). A good combination to counter fake news about it! Side sources: 50% of respondents find information about sexual activity by talking with friends. While 43% find it on social networks, 35% in forums and 31% in porn. More specifically, men are mostly informed by pornography. While women aged 18-24 are more prepared for new media and social networks.

Another 2017 study, conducted by Harris Interactive, revealed that among people aged 18 to 24, only 1% had heard of pleasure in their sex education. 1%!

SexHappiness, a space where everyone can learn and ask questions freely

We know that knowledge is a weapon and the key to having fun. Hence, Durex has been committed for several years to Demystifying and Editing Conversations To provide access to a satisfying sexual life where pleasure, consent, listening and mutual respect meet. After all, talk about sex without filter And challenging sexual norms is the key to a sexual life without discrimination or judgment, where everyone feels comfortable and safe!

“One would think that with the rise of social networks, web media, and podcasts, talk about sex, whatever it is, is becoming more and more democratic. Yes and no. Certainly, many narratives convey an open discourse about female pleasure, gay sex, sexual health, or Even issues of sex and disability. But the censorship of algorithms makes it difficult to talk openly, freely, and joyfully about sex, even today. This observation and the various lessons learned from our study led to the creation of SexHappiness by Durex »Benjamin Caspari, Marketing Director of Durex France & Benelux explains.

Image credit: Durex

The popular platform was launched on June 20, and it presents the first part of 7 videos. Charline Vermont (Orgasme et moi), Edwige (Wicul), Tania (taniamekeuplus), Darko (darkoccttg), Chloé (chloe.lemn) or even Johann (Sparkdise) surrounded by their followers, reveal themselves without the language of wood. They arm themselves for the game, in a question/answer exercise, without taboos. Pleasure, safe sex, single sex, partners, health, disability, size and conformation… consentToday, sexual matters are approached with an open heart.

SexHappiness by Durex is a platform built to last. It introduces new voices devoid of dictates and received ideas. It will also be available at several landmarks throughout the summer. One of them will be held on the occasion of Solidays, with which the brand has been a partner for many years.

“Our goal as a brand is to offer a new way, with new voices, so that everyone, in all their diversity, finds their account and enjoyment in the most benevolent ‘sex education’ that offers true sex to all. Without discrimination or judgment”Benjamin Caspari concludes.

Want to know more? See you on the new Durex web platform!

Image credit: Durex

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