What do child cult films look like today?

Many films of the ’80s and ’90s shook childhoods for generations. The common point between Jurassic Park or And the is that they highlight the young actors who have grown up now. This is how they look!

Among the popular movies, here’s what Tim and Lex look like Jurassic Park today

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in Jurassic Park, Lex and Tim are grandchildren of John Hammond, founder of the dinosaur park. The two spend the weekend with Alan, Eli and Malcolm to see if the park can be opened to the general public. Lex and Tim play Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello, who were about ten years old at the time.

Tim Jurassic Park cult movies

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If Ariana Richards did not want to pursue a career in films to devote herself to painting, then Joseph Matzello went on to conquer Hollywood. He is also the one who plays John Deacon bohemian rhapsody !

Children Which. T. extra floor

How do I not remember Which. T. extra floor When talking about popular movies from the ’80s? Spielberg’s signature work, this work explores the friendship between a young child and a foreigner who, more than anything, wants to come home. Actor Henry Thomas plays Elliot, ET’s best friend, who is now 50 years old. Horror fans watched it back in 2018 in the Netflix series Chase Hill House.

Elot and cult movies

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Another movie star, Drew Barrymore, who was only 7 years old when she became a world star thanks to Which. T. extra floor. The actress continued her career by starring in ScreamAnd the Donnie Darko And most recently in the canceled series on a big cliffhanger, Santa Clarita diet.

Gertie movies and cult

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Robert McNaughton plays Elliot’s older brother Michael. Unlike his previous partners, he didn’t want to continue his career and switch to a more regular job… a postman! He also posts various pictures with Henry Thomas on his Instagram account.

Michael and Cult Movies

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Among the cult films there are Mom I missed the plane with Macaulay Culkin

Kevin Maman Jay Miss Lavion Cult Movies

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Mom I missed the plane It is one of the most famous Christmas movies of all time. The year-end party doesn’t pass without a televised rerun to bring this little gem of pop culture back to life. The role of Kevin is forever stuck in the skin of Macaulay Culkin, who was 10 years old at the time of filming. If he takes a major break in his career, the actor has returned to the front of the stage by landing the role of Mickey V. American Horror Story: Double Feature.

Jason James Richter (Jesse) save willie

Cult Movies Jesse Save Willie

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Who does not remember the famous 1993 movie, save willie ? Directed by Simon Winsor, we follow Jesse who meets Willy, an orca in captivity. The young teenager will then do everything to free the animal. It was Jason James Richer who lent Jesse his features along with his biggest role on the big and small screen. Today the actor is 42 years old.

Judy and Peter from Jumanji

That was in 1995 Jumanji In Darkrooms, starring Robin Williams as Alan Parrish. The latter finds himself stuck in the woods after playing Jumanji, and is rescued by Jodi and Peter years later, who in turn start a game.

Kirsten Dunst Jumanji

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Kristen Dunst plays Judy, who later became famous for playing Mary Jane in Spider Man by Sam Raimi or even Peggy in Season 2 of Fargo.

Peter Jumanji

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Peter, his little brother in Jumanjiplayed by Bradley Pierce, who halted his acting career.

This is what Kat looks like Kasper today

Christina Ricci Worship Casper Movies

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Kasper It is above all a meeting between a friendly ghost and a young teenager named Kat. The latter is played by Christina Ricci who continued her acting career after the 1995 film. matrix can be seen in resurrection Where she portrays the character of Gwen de Fer. She also plays the role of Misty in the series yellow jackets.

Michael (Antoine de Merle) in The Three Brothers

Michael the three

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Now let’s move on to French films with The Three Brothers. This comedy revolves around the story of Didier, Pascal and Bernard, who learn that they are brothers from different fathers after the death of their mother. Michel, played by Antoine de Merle, is Didier’s son and he has changed a lot today! And he did not hesitate to appear in the second film, The Three Brothers, Back.

I (Anna Klumsky) from my girl

Vada in my girl

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Anna Chlumsky shares a poster my girl With another child star of the ’90s, Macaulay Culkin. They both play the role of best friends Vada and Thomas respectively. after, after my girlAnna Chlumsky went on to be an actress and also landed one of the main roles in the Netflix series Anna’s creation.

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