Their story is getting worse, separation and suicide

fans Love is in the meadow Look forward to all seasons of the year. And when they fall under the influence of some candidate, they don’t forget them, that’s for sure. But, then, what happened to the old? We bring you the most emblematic couples news.

Love is in the meadow : What happened to the old?

Jean-Pierre, Tragic End

Jean-Pierre Guelfoot was a very sensitive farmer with a big heart and participated in the fifth season. This farmer was a cattle breeder in the Morbihan region. We preferred to start with the worst news on the list. In fact, something dramatic happened to him. The farmer was under severe stress because of his work on the farm. In addition, he applied for a bank loan to start an organic poultry farm, but was refused. unfortunately a filter Love is in the meadow Decided to commit suicide on December 14, 2016.

Frank and Karen, a harmonious couple

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

The two candidates Love is in the meadow He lived a physical passion more than a romantic relationship. In fact, their relationship caught on as quickly as it fizzled out. During the adventure, Frank had a hard time choosing between Karen and Caroline. To find answers, kiss them both. Karen will finally choose. The couple finished their stay on the farm and enjoyed the weekend, but that’s about it.

Francois and Marilyn: The rocker and his girlfriend

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

François was a huge fan of Johnny Hallyday and it showed in his looks. In fact, it did not go unnoticed in season 9 of Love is in the meadow. This was lucky, because he met his half during the show in the person of Maryline. Thus, they stayed together and created a family. In fact, in 2015, they welcomed a little boy with the beautiful maiden name of Marceau. But, contrary to all expectations, Marilyn broke up with Francois immediately after the baptism of the child and returned to her native region of Brittany.

Jackie, BCBG Love is in the meadow

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

Jacky had an interesting profile for the contestants in Love is in the meadow. Indeed, he was a young and beautiful boy. He is the record holder in the history of the show, receiving the most letters from his fans. Unfortunately, despite the numerous letters, he was not able to find the perfect person. Fortunately, he consoles himself with his profession and has become a volunteer firefighter. Maybe with a uniform, he’ll have better luck…

Gerrard and Beatrice

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

They are one of the oldest couples in Love is in the meadow. In fact, they even participated in the first season! Currently, they have a 5-year-old boy who looks a lot like his dear father as you can see in the photo above.

Sylvain and Valerie

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

During season 6 of Love is in the meadow, Sylvain and Valery fell in love. The young woman decides to give up everything to stay with her farmer. So she quit her job and separated from her home. They had a nice relationship for two years. After this period, Valery preferred to return to her land …

Ludovic and Jennifer

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

You could say Ludovic and Jennifer are a pretty good match, right? Young people were candidates in the third season of the program. Since 2008, they have been living a fairy tale and have expanded their family with three children.

Maud and Jean-Claude, a very touching couple

The lovers met in the sixth season. One thing is for sure, we had a great time laughing with them. They had a princess named Charlotte. Everything was going great when Jean-Claude suddenly changed his behavior. In fact, he became aggressive towards his wife and even his young daughter. But the farmer Love is in the meadow He has another version because he never confessed and still says the family has been reunited. blurry story…

Pierre and Frederic, the star of the show

No one forgot Pierre and Frederic in season 7. In fact, the audience loves this couple. They were made to meet, it shows. The rest, you know that for sure. They married and had a son, Gabriel, in 2012.

Fabian and Alexia

The lovers did not meet during the filming but still thanks to the show! In fact, Fabian couldn’t find a shoe to match him Love is in the meadow. But a young girl fell in love with him and decided to write to him after filming started. Then, they met and matched! Their relationship lasted seven years, during which time they became parents to young girls. Unfortunately, it also ended in a breakup.

Love in the Meadow: Damien and Elodie

Damien and Elodie were present in the eighth season of Love is in the meadow. Damien was instantly addicted to his opponent’s frankness and simplicity. Today, they invest in stone. In fact, they have built 4 homes that they will sell. They also had a child.

Love in the Meadow: Claude and his deep blue gaze

Claude’s post dates back to 2015. He had everything to find the woman of his dreams, especially since he still received 500 messages! Unfortunately, fate decided otherwise. Anyway, he didn’t hang out with his fans Love is in the meadow. After the show, he still had a three-year romantic relationship with a woman younger than him, but they also broke up.

Claire and Adrian

Claire and Adrian have been in an affair for a few months. The farmer did not appreciate that he shared his private life on the web. Today I found love again. This was hidden in front of his eyes. In fact, he is his childhood friend, Sebastian. She still owns her farm and became a mother.

Alan and Edith

Love at first sight and simply move on. And since they don’t do things by half, they gave birth to two young twins, Elise and Axel.

Cyril Artichoke Heart

Cyrille started his adventure well Love is in the meadow with Lisa. But after the weekend, they decided not to continue. In addition, he chose suitors for letters, not pictures. Beautiful Movement. If he continues down this path, he will succeed in finding his better half, that’s for sure.

Love in the Meadow: Thierry and Annie, the legendary and unforgettable duo

It’s impossible to forget Thierry who made us laugh a lot with his very special speech during Season 8. When he meets Annie’s gaze, he knows that she will become his wife. Feelings are strong and shared. Despite the problems of agreement between his beloved and his family, the peasant still chose love and he was right! In fact, they said “yes” to each other in 2015 and are having a good day.

Love in the Meadow: Odd and Christopher

Love in the Meadow: Their Story Goes Wrong, Separation and Suicide

Last time on this list are Aude and Christopher from season 13. They literally fell for each other. The couple wasted no time, as she was pregnant at the time of the scan. What a good surprise for Karen Le Marchand! Unfortunately, the couple did not hold up either. Apparently, it was very difficult for her eldest daughter from her first relationship. Today, there is still a stepfather to Rafael.

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