The first dedicated “firewall” for Web 3

ClearSign, a welcome new feature from ZenGo for securing the web 3

ZenGo is an application that specializes in securing cryptocurrency and access to Web 3.0 ClearSigna tool Prevents users from losing their cryptocurrency and NFT By signing questionable smart contract transactions.

Thanks to ClearSign, dApps users now have Optimum control over the rights you grant to third parties Regarding access to their wallet.

And therefore , ZenGo’s ClearSign works like a real firewall Inside your cryptocurrency wallet.

With the advent of Web3, users are increasingly exposed to attacks orchestrated by malicious actors in order to steal their cryptocurrency. For this reason, ZenGo developed ClearSign, Always with the aim of securing the ecosystem :

“This is an important industry issue: Web3 users need a better way to understand on-chain transactions before signing them. Now with ClearSign, instead of blindly signing offline transactions and messages, ZenGo users will get detailed and transparent information and alerts about the transactions they are about to sign. on her. […]. »

Who hasn’t signed a deal without understanding the consequences? They often consist of a series of functions and variables, the messages that wallets like MetaMask display are incomprehensible, and many users can inadvertently grant permissions that will prove disastrous.

It is this lack of understanding that ClearSign corrects with clear messagesas you can see in the screenshot below.

This new option displays a clear and understandable message

👉 Find our complete ZenGo presentation to learn more about the features of this wallet

What are the use cases for ClearSign?

When a ZenGo user signs a transaction, This new tool delivers a clear and legible messagewhich really explains what every interaction with a decentralized application entails.

ClearSign also displays Informational alerts In the case of high-risk transactions and Acts as a firewall by blocking unwanted actions Related to supported decentralized applications.

Finally, without putting security aside, it allows you to sign a transaction without the need for a private key.

What kind of bugs and attacks can ClearSign detect?

more accurate, ClearSign allows the user to avoid many things Which could be disastrous for her portfolio:

  • impersonate a decentralized application on social networks;
  • impersonation and projects of the NFT, eg BAYC on Instagram, Beeple on Twitter;
  • The takeover of a smart contract or decentralized application interface by a malicious third party;
  • Abusive smart contract permits (fake NFT minting, fake token airdrops);
  • Some smart contract errors;
  • Common human errors, such as “fat fingers” errors, where users can lose thousands of dollars due to improper handling.

To launch ClearSign, ZenGo cooperates with Collab.LandWeb3’s leading community management service. This integration will allow ZenGo users to ensure that they are using the original Collab.Land app, as well as avoid potential phishing scams.

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