Huggy Wuggy: The plush phenomenon that terrorizes kids (and parents)

Released in 2021, horror video game Poppy playing time It became very popular on social networks. Set in a toy and doll factory, it honors Houji Wuji, a stuffed animal who, although initially seemingly harmless, is truly scary. In particular, sing songs with lyrics that make you upset: “Give me a hug / My teeth will sink deep into your lungs”And the “Do you want to know how far I am willing to go to find you and begin to devour your soul?”And the “JI know where you’re hiding, don’t you know I’ll find you? No matter where you go. This phenomenon has become so widespread that children hear about it when they can access online platforms or YouTube under the supervision of their parents. Even when they don’t have access to the Internet, their classmates tell them about it at school, or see it in the form of derivative products like stuffed animals, key rings, or even coloring pages and reports. Actuary.

Kids are terrified by Huggy Wuggy

At the age of six, François was traumatized after watching a video of Huge Wuji, telling his mother Virginie Actuary. Nightmares and anxiety.. The young child, like many children, is the victim of mental disorders after seeing the blue monster. Even some are affected Sleep disordersAnd changes in mental rumination behavior remain aggressive. Every time he hears about marigolds, especially through very poorly targeted advertisements, his son sinks back in, explains this mother, who is the same “embarrassed” With this phenomenon, stemming from a video game that I described as “Really very creepy.”

Like Virginia, many parents are sounding the alarm about the phenomenon, and schools, especially in Belgium, have banned Huggy Wuggy from entering the stadium. Experts also express themselves on this topic, as is the case with Belgian neuropsychologist Lisette Anjiano on Facebook. In her office, she saw several children, ages 7 to 12, in trauma. “hUggy becomes more dangerous in early childhood when children’s cognitive mechanisms do not allow them to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Psychological damage can leave permanent scarswarns.

Clinical psychologist Pascaline Bonnet explains that personality itself is problematic Actuary : “It’s more misleading for a child: Huggy Wuggy looks like a cartoon, but he is a terrifying character, created to bully. This obviously raises the question of the commercial techniques. used for this character, which are not reaching the right audience.” And, because children do not have “same acumen” As adults, they can quickly fall into the trap and suffer real trauma.

What if my child is afraid of Huggy Wuggy?

On Facebook, Lisette Anjiano explains to parents how to deal with their children’s fear. To get started, find out if Huggy Wuggy is really his concern, and suggest showing him a picture of the character (if possible when his mouth isn’t wide open, showing his creepy teeth) and ask him what his name is: “If he answers correctly, be very careful, character exposure sometimes passes in the school yard.”

The most important is communication, checking to see if your children are afraid or worried about what they are seeing or what their friends are talking about. Give them a safe space and be very careful when exposed to the net. Constantly watch!The neuropsychologist adds, adding that we should be vigilant for some signs: Children exposed to this personality show important clinical indicators of anxiety and the rumination that accompanies them constantly, especially at night“.

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