CA Brive in the spotlight of the National Rugby League web series produced by Corizin

With the Top 14 teams final on Friday evening between Castres and Montpellier at the Stade de France, the National Rugby League on Tuesday revealed the first episodes of a web series highlighting three clubs in the tournament: Olympiad, Olympic Biarritz and CA Brive.

The project ? It is called 80 Minutes and consists of seven episodes that are broadcast on the association’s social networks and YouTube. Target? Highlighting emblematic clubs from the top 14 who do not however benefit from the same exposure as the big teams.

“We wanted to reach another rugby audience. Rugby has a very strong DNA and we wanted to highlight it and, for once, go beyond the purely sporting framework to evoke other passions. It talks about men and women,” explains Thomas Otton, Director of Communications at LNR.

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The idea also sprang into the head of Corizin, Benoit Bencivi, a former young CAB player who is very involved in the life of Terrasson Club.

How will Koblak Terrasson (Dordogne) welcome the rugby legends?

“My overriding idea has always been to highlight the man before the player. In this series, we wondered why people came onto the field and what the need was to create it in their lives. Behind the word people, we are talking about players and supporters but also leaders because their life stories are intertwined around their passion which is rugby ”, explains the founder of the production company. 3W – What a wonderful world which also produces and operates the Terrain Favorable series featuring international rugby legends (Calivano, Wilkinson, Dusautoir, Giteau) who are involved in small clubs.

Spotlight on Mami Bouchon and Esteban Ebadi

For 80 minutes, over the course of the episodes, we thus meet Maite Charbonnell, a Curies icon cheerleader who is always placed in the weight room on match days with her daughter Lady, often nicknamed “Mami Bouchon”, who is the regional president of Les Bouchons d ‘Amour’ in the eye.

Also selected to focus on Esteban Abadie, his appearance in the game last season but also and above all his association with rugby, obviously woven thanks to his father Jeffrey, who sadly passed away in 2015 but is still very present in his life.

Intimacy and confessions

In one episode, Third Line goes to meet with volunteers from the Curie’s Association on their day off to help and understand the needs and actions of Mighty Charbonnell and her team.

“At our request, Esteban agreed to sponsor the association with Mathieu Voisin. It was truly a touching, moving and above all a moment of sincere engagement,” says the main interested party.

Benjamin Apple

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