Web-agri readers discuss breeders’ salaries

Speaking of his wages as a dairy farmer, is that a taboo, especially when it’s somewhat satisfying? After Antoine Thibault announced that he would collect 3000 euros per month, which sparked many reactions on social networks where he is very active, we asked for your opinion on this topic. And that’s what I did!

many of web-gri . readers Sincerely praisedAntoine Thibault on his salary, which he revealed in the magazine dairy farms. They are happy about it Farmers live well She finds it ‘deserving’.

Acknowledges “Every farm is a special case” Vincent George. “But it is necessary Farmers can earn income from their work, which they themselves have identified according to their situation and/or priorities, he continues. If some know how to do it, I’m happy for them and that reassures me. »

A little positive is a good thing.

for PhéAnd the Antoine is “right” to give his salary As is. “It is true that this is not the case for everyone,” nuances this reader. But most breeders complain all the time, lamenting before launch: ‘A little positivity is good. Let those who go out say it! “For 50 to 60 hours a week or more, the responsibilities, the risks in terms of investments, the penalties…are not excessive, he sees.” You should be proud of it and talk about it. If we want to motivate young people we have to show them that it exists! »

“Let whoever comes out of it say so!” »

masoul “agree withBreeder, very present on social networks “Either reduce your fees as the local farming mafia advised and survive, or reduce them dramatically and there you can They earn their normal living by being a breeder. Rather than offend in this way, he urges them to “(…) question themselves and act.”

Be consistent in your system.

Jeremy Picchu He testifies: “I am an organic dairy farmer of Norman breed, in Aisne, on 73 hectares 100% grass. I deduct €2000 per month from my salary and take two weeks off a year. I still have JA loans to pay off but in a few years I will increase my withdrawals To make a living from your job as a breeder, you have to be consistent in your operating system and with your environment.”

“When you invest between 300,000 and 500,000 euros and you Work more than 60 hours a weekIt should be a minimum of 3000 euros. If some agree to work with the eye, then this is their choice, as he thinks bbl. (…]At some point, it is up to the farmers to ask themselves this question: What is the use of racing per hectare or volumes, if not to extinguish the equipment we did not need? (…) »

Consider ‘Quality of Life’

Celine Coeller It also invites us to consider quality of life “I am a breeder and worked in an office. Sure, before, I worked 39 hours a week, had an RTT, etc, but now I’m less stressed and feel better even if I work ample hours! , as you say. Breeders know how to go wrong, but no one is ready to take the step to stop. why ? Because, after all, we don’t have a boss, we run what we want, we’re outside every day, we have a good quality of life. And I agree with Antoine in the article, farmers know how to congratulate and watch over neighbors who get rich by buying big machines. On the other hand, you dare We say that one makes a good living or that it is achieved in agriculture, that’s a big word! »

“Reading the comments (below), we cannot say or write that we can do very well or very well Earning a living from farming. It is unfortunate that some people do not take advantage of it to see if they can improve their management, work efficiency and independence in decision-making,” he points out. Lao. In addition, “Does the training of small farmers allow them to obtain a good income? He asks himself.

Anyway, the file income in education Depends on his “objectives and system”, progress Noel Morell.

And “vary by years,” continues Laura Kampmann Byrne.

And reduced to the number of working hours?

for Vincent DelarguilereWhen you are self-employed and self-employed, talking about salary seems inappropriate. It’s more “a .” Compensation ”, he specifies. He explains: “Antoine could transfer 3,000 euros per month from his professional account to his own account and return 15,000 euros for the cash flow needs of the farm…” A reference to the current result appears to be “more relevant if necessary.”

” in hourly wageinstantly becomes less rosy.” Xavier Keeler.

whether Damon Pierre “He has no problem saying ‘He makes a good living on 3,000 euros a month, and is already brought in on time, which is not much’,” he admits.

We have nothing without nothing…

“Well, you do not earn 3000 euros by working 35 hours, but you do not get something for nothing, unless you are an annual student,” Thierry Andreu.

“Great for making a good living when you can’t take the weekend,” he joked Gaec Dairy Beauchen.

“And if we remove the help from Buck, what is left?” he asks dolphin pack.

“Otherwise, there won’t be many stops.”

Evonik Gearer Skeptical: “I would be curious as to what percentage of the farmers receive €3,000 per month. If there is a lot, there will not be muchfarms that stop. We must stop selling dreams! This is much better for Antoine if he succeeds, but unfortunately it is not general!! »

It was much better for those who succeed, but this is not general.

Hello These comments are supported by numbers: “For Western France, in an article from last weekend, Innoval talks about – 15% dairy farms in 2025, – 11% dairy cows, – 11% production and – 23% cows. (… ) »

Steve 72 From the same opinion: “If the breeders make a good living, there will not be much downtime on the dairy farms before retirement, separation from Gaec and spouses. 3,000 euros with responsibility and Farm work timeThat’s just over 10 euros an hour! If you want to talk about the profession, you are telling young people the truth. I’ve known agri who bragged about taking big sums and later found themselves in a backup plan and quit 10 years before retirement to avoid filing for bankruptcy. »

“No investment, no climate risks…”

Didier Lambert He testifies: “(…) I’m half less – 1500 euros – like my employees, except they don’t work on weekends! I live well like this and my farm is slowly recovering after a disastrous bot episode on finances! (…) ) »

Steve 72 He insists: “Due to the vagaries of the weather, particularly the drought, earning 3,000 euros a month is impossible unless you have a little investment, no loans, own your farm. And no problem with relay antennas like me. You just have to limit the economic collapse of Save your farm ! And those arguing, the majority, didn’t necessarily make bad choices. »

I haven’t seen my kids grow up.

Regis Duma He is even more radical: “A big move from g… to assert that a dairy farmer earns a good livelihood is a sheer lie. Apart from some specific cases mentioned in the agricultural press, (…) mostly, it is a passionate but not paying job.” Personally, I think I will win well but for what life? I have not seen my children grow up, many moments in family and social life are wasted! After that we regret. »

“Stop selling dreams to young people”

as such Sebastian : “I have seen The number of bankruptcies and suicides in educationespecially given the figures published by the Ministry of Social Affairs on the average income per tax family (mainly made up of the income of a spouse working abroad), Antoine’s comments really only concern him … personally, Dairy Crisis frequent and frequent dehydration, the cost of converting to organic, covid + ukraine crisis Benefited from my income: 500€/month, that’s what I get. I want to Attracting young people to settle By offering great income without questioning the characters, the environment and especially the history of the farm, it’s crazy! Filling their heads with dreams (…), they risk sending everything into a waltz in no time! (…)! Antoine may be able to live on 73 hectares in his area because he has the right soil and climate for it, but at home, it takes a hundred UTH to get the minimum wage (…)”

Do not confuse “farmer wage” with “farm income”.

And the Batur To respond: “The MSA numbers are not peasants’ wages But the statements of their accountant and therefore there are many differences, for example: you can take 2000 € / month and be your farm with a profit of 3600 €, so the MSA will post 300 € per month of income to the operator. 0n confuse farm wages with farm income. »

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