This secret emblem of his ex-wife Peggy with a very famous woman…

Love story between Claude Brasseur and Peggy Roche

On March 27, 1961, the comedian married Peggy Roche, a model and journalist. In 1984, this is how she spoke about her romance with the actor who was seen especially in the camping franchise, which left us in 2020:

We went a lot, we went everywhere, probably with a preference for Castel and New Jimmy’s. I had the pleasure of remaking the world with a little bit of alcohol. Of course, tomorrow in the newspaper was a little difficult… We were very optimistic and going out at night was definitely more fun than it is today.“.

But this story does not last. Claude Brasseur ends up falling in love with Michel Cambon Brasseur. He with her ended his life. But even before he finds love again, his ex-wife actually falls in love. But it wasn’t the man who flipped her, but the woman. Our colleagues at Madame Figaro reveal that the model and writer met at Prélude, a Parisian nightclub (which no longer exists today), in the 1960s, more precisely in April of 1968. They fall in love with each other. This love, they maintain for twenty years, while remaining very modest about the nature of their relationship. It must be said that at that time, homosexuality was considered taboo (at best).

No longer secret story

Today, everyone knows that the two women had an amazing relationship. Françoise Sagan’s son, Denis Westhoff, who is a writer, does not hide anything from this story in the book. Sagan and his sonwhich he published in 2012. In this book, he returns to the relationship between his mother and Claude Brasseur’s ex-wife:

Between these two women there was a mixture of passion, tenderness, mutual admiration, mutual recognition, friendship and complicity as my mother knew, in my memory, neither before nor after. With Peggy gone, it looked as if my mother had been ripped apart, riven by her alive.“.

Before she died (of cancer), Peggy Roche asked her relatives to take care of Françoise Sagan. She knew that his disappearance would affect the novelist so severely that she would need help getting up and going on with her life without her soul mate. On that day, Françoise Sagan not only lost the love of her life. I lost a friend, a close friend, a companion.

Homosexuality in show business

Logically, due to the societal context at the time, the two women decided to keep their relationship secret. in public, It’s official and doesn’t show anything. The vast majority of homosexuals, especially when they are known, hide and only assume that they are in secret. Because it can hurt their career and their success. Even worse, it can also put them at risk. But what about today?

Homosexuality is clearly better accepted, without the disappearance of homophobia. The sad truth is that homophobia will never go away. As long as there are men, there will be homophobics. But celebrities are no longer hiding, or less. Some characters decided, of late, to come to terms with their sexual orientation. If they hadn’t done this before, it was because they were afraid that the roles offered would always be the same, or that the phone would ring less.

But some famous personalities decided to assume too early. real tv star, Ellen DeGeneres exited early in her career. In a touching speech, Jodie Foster has opened up about her love for her ex-boyfriend, without this playing a role in the development of his career. But caution is still required for young men and women who are not yet well known of their bad reputation to serve as a shield.

Football (and sports in general) remains an environment in which gay men hide and do not assume it. Few of the active footballers come out. This is not surprising because it is an environment in which racism exists and is even very present, and no doubt has not been adequately fought against by the unions.

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