This is the most responsible game for admitting children to the emergency room, beware!

While they thought they were safe, children took a huge risk to play with this device. We explain why!

SOS children are in distress!

A few days ago, a heat wave swept through every piece of land in France. More than just feeling tired, high temperatures can have a devastating effect on children’s bodies. Sunscreen, moisturizing should become automatic. However, there is a question on the minds of parents. How do you find a sporting activity that fits that name? Not worth relying on swimming pools. It often gets in the storm, and it’s not a good idea to swim in these conditions. One thing is for sure.

Because of inflation and declining purchasing power, and despite this aid being paid, the majority of families have no way to escape. That is why pitches appear like mushrooms. Inside this game young and old put all their chips in this game, the advantage is that you can improvise. However, not many realize that it can sometimes do more harm than practicing martial arts.

What is the most harmful activity for children?

For children, the trampoline remains an excellent way to let off steam. In fact, since there are no rules, you can make all the moves you want without risking getting reprimanded. On the contrary, the crazier the figure looks, the more congratulations one will receive from those around him. However, on the part of the emergency personnel, alarm bells are ringing. Every summer, one laments the huge increase in accidents due to this sport. What a pity to be able to remove it from the options.. unless there is a solution to the courage of danger?

In sports stores you can find trampolines for children. Installed in his garden, it allows them to take a breath of fresh air without having to go to the amusement park. Spread the word! The ticket price is almost profitable for the curious and reckless. However, a British study confirms this contradiction. Doing this at home rather than anywhere else would halve the risk of going to the hospital. Objeko Explains why and how!

To the great evils…

They are our colleagues from the newspaper Health Magazine Which puts her finger on the heart of the problem. inside the gardens, The higher tensile strength used [produit] Harder recovery and [crée] jump higher. » We will understand without drawing a picture of importance.” the pressure » practice On the bones of children has serious consequences for the future. But this is not the only factor!

Among the children there is competition. It’s up to who makes the prettiest character. First of all, the warm-up is done shortly before. Then they want to challenge their comrades at any cost. That is why they do not measure the magnitude of the disaster hanging over their faces. In a split second, once on the trampoline, a dream of flying away like a bird can turn into a nightmare!

… wonderful treatments!

For those who participated in this study, the result is clear. Owners of trampolines that are open to all must set up ” Security rules. In fact, once scored, the kids throw themselves into the water. For its part, employees should review its version. Ask the parents to sign disclaimer in case of injury, It is not enough!

Like bowling shoes, you should invest in protective gear. This would be a game changer! Simply ” filling‘, researchers estimate that we can eliminate roughly half of the pain (” arms, cuts, and concussions”). This may be a detail to you, but it means a lot to us! Who will have the last word between the different parties? We promise, we’ll tell you the rest in the next issue ofObjeko. Until then, take care of yourself and see you soon on new adventures!

Thanks to our colleagues from Health Magazine and for British Medical Journal of Injury Prevention

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