The French singer already introduces her children to music!

The Voice coach wastes no time getting her kids into the music pool. Amal girl presents his children on Instagram!

A single mother of three at the moment, Amal Bint has not lost any of her talents. She has proven it again with this hit which is already a huge hit on Youtube.

But that’s not all, she really wants to saturate her children with music. We managed to deduce this from a post on social networks. We’ll give you more details right away!

Amal a girl and his children console themselves with music

A true passion for Amal Bent, music is a part of his life…not to say what makes him live. But also for all his family. Since then, the singer is obligated to Supporting her three children alone. Indeed, since the beginning of last month, her husband was imprisoned in prison, and he was sentenced to 15 months.

since last Charged with multiple chargesThe most important of these is fraud. Currently, he is imprisoned at the Nanterre-Hauts-de-Seine Correctional Center. Mom Sophia and Hana can only survive apart from her ex-husband. However, she lives well this separation. She recently proved this on social networks.

Not only has Amal Bent lost any of her musical talents, but she also spends a great time with her children. I just got out new tube, featuring young singer Benny Adam. The hit Lossa is currently clocked at a few thousand likes on the largest video streaming platform.

But that’s not all, we can see, thanks to her multiple appearances on The Voice, that the young mom has been dressing her up day in and day out. Besides, her postpartum appearance was successful. And in terms of style, it has not lost its touch. In fact, general appearances are associated with Very elegant and glamorous clothes ! Something that makes people talk about his current living conditions!

The youngest of them has a clear rhythm in his blood

Although The Voice coach has yet to share her baby’s name with her fans, she does not hesitate to appear with him on Instagram. The face of the two-month-old little man was clearly camouflaged in order to maintain his intimate relationship. However, in the videos, we can already see that he has a sense of rhythm. In fact, last Tuesday, the mother shared a Bonding time with her kids !

And this time, she decided to lure her fans into privacy. Therefore, she shares Instagram videos…enough to delight the star’s biggest fans. About Small private concert. In the video, while making sure to hide the younger’s face, Amal Bent carries him on his knees. During this first video, she performs, in the acoustic version, her new song Lossa!

After that, it turned out that they were not alone in this little life. In fact, the two daughters of Amal Bent were also a part of the show. We see them banging on a box while listening to their mother’s new nickname. The least we can say is they had fun ! And even if we don’t see them clearly, it has been confirmed that they are indeed Sophia and Hannah.

But that’s not all, since Amel Bent has just released a new hit. It’s no easy task, knowing that she can no longer count on Patrick Antonelli to help her take care of the children. So, she trusts complicate his life for all days. When she was interviewed about it, she didn’t hesitate to show that she’s like all moms!

Emile is a girl who is going through difficult experiences

After her husband is imprisoned, the daily rhythm inevitably changes. But that’s not all, because the situation has just changed with the expansion of family members. Amal Bent remarkably admitted that the first month was really difficult. “I forgot how much babies cried,” she said.

So, before she could release her new song, she had to collaborate with Penny Adam Get over yourself and make some concessions at bedtime. “I had a hard time concentrating,” she said. But his efforts paid off, as Lusa has already been listened to over 150,000 times by users!

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