Reception of children in care: more than 1 million euros from the department board embezzled

Six people from the same family, members of the association specialized in the reception of children established by ASE “A Roof for you” in Générest, are suspected of embezzling more than one million euros in aid. from the county council.

Two years of investigations, a file more than 70 cm thick, and more than one million euros in criminal assets confiscated by the gendarmes of Bagnères-de-Bigorre. On June 14, six members of the same family and the office of the association specialized in the reception of children set up by the children’s social assistance organization “Roof of You”, were set up in Generist and Anne in the Haute-Pyrenees region, were arrested and placed in police custody.

Suspected of dishonesty, fraud, aggravated tax evasion and money laundering, the lead couple and their relatives set up a system to lead the way by diverting a portion of the assistance earmarked by the Pyrenees County Board of Child Welfare. Encourage kids. And this for several years.

Excessive purchases

“This 1901 association is financed exclusively by public funds, particularly those granted by the Hautes-Pyrenees County Council. The auditor’s control in 2020 revealed excessive purchases incompatible with the purpose of the association.” Bagnères Company, Paul Sandevoir.

“Alert, the public prosecutor seized the gendarmerie of Saint-Laurent de Neste and asked for a full judicial investigation. At the same time, the District Council, the victim of the disorderly management of the association, filed a complaint.”

And to salute the tenacity of the Director of Investigation, Petty Officer David A. From the General Saint-Laurent de Neste who, with the support of the Interregional Gendarmerie Group of Toulouse (GIRG), worked to untie the accountant’s knot bag. Link to suspicious expenses.

stone and cars

The Independent Living Place (LVA) created in 2014 in Generist, “Roof for You” calls for well-being and psychological reconstruction of children is welcome. On the website of the association, which employs several employees who have been completely acquitted in the case, we can read all the goodwill of the main couple regarding the children in difficulty.

“Our living space proposes welcoming six teenagers between the ages of seven and twenty in single rooms. We love this photo of the ‘ceiling’ protection, the young man being welcomed needs to feel safe to settle down and be able to rebuild internally. Although initial investigation showed that The children were not subjected to any physical or psychological abuse, great savings were provided by the association, especially through “arranging with the tax system”, and benefiting from various in-kind donations.

“They collected unsold food from the supermarket, for example,” the gendarmerie identified, without going into the details of the investigation. However, in order to cover expenses related to pension, accommodation, care, education … the Board of Directors pays a monthly envelope of about 4,500 euros for each child placed inside the structure. “The savings made were then passed on to family members in the form of bonuses, as well as convenient salaries.”

In addition, many vehicles were purchased by the association on the pretext of their ability to transport children to their medical or other appointments. The latter was rarely happy to climb into the Mégane Sport or other racing cars, as the couple preferred to use taxi companies to drive their residents.

Investigation continues

He added that “the arrests and searches that were carried out helped support the hypotheses formulated during the investigation. The seizures related to real estate, dozens of vehicles and financial products exceeded one million euros.”

Good catch for the gendarmerie that has amassed a lot of resources for two years in this sprawling dossier. “A land appraisal expert near the Court of Appeal of Pau, six personnel from the GIRG in Toulouse and two soldiers from the Research Brigade in Mou (77), reinforced the work of the twenty-four gendarmes of the Hautes-Pyrenees gendarmerie group.”

If the goods acquired are seized, some nevertheless remain in the enjoyment of the structure. In fact, at a time when the departments are suffering from a severe shortage of places to shelter children in care, the judge investigating the case has made the decision to keep the “roof of yours” in operation.

The couple and their relatives were released after 48 hours in police custody. The preliminary investigation continues to determine the degree of responsibility of each of them in this case.

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