KProxy is a free anonymous web proxy service

The best thing about KProxyGenericName is that you don’t have to install it. This means that you do not need to clean the registry after uninstalling the program to remove all traces. This KProxy review verifies the claims on their websites that they can protect your data on the internet and change your connection IP so people don’t know where you’re coming from. In addition, we also check if we can actually access websites that are blocked by administrators.

Free anonymous web proxy

According to the makers of the proxy KProxy, it is a tool that you can use for two purposes:


  1. Securing your data as it travels over the Internet (must be related to NSA spying, etc.);
  2. Providing you with a proxy that allows you to visit any website that is blocked by network administrators

There are three versions of KProxy:

  1. The version of KProxy Online that you can use directly through the browser. No need to start the application.
  2. A version of Windows that only works on Windows to give you both encryption and proxy.
  3. A cross-platform version that runs on different operating systems, including Linux (I haven’t tested this, as I don’t have Linux on any PC at home).

KProxy Review

To use KProxy, simply launch your browser and enter “” in the address bar. You will get a web page with a text box in the middle. Type in the name of any website you want to visit, and you will be redirected there – with an encrypted connection and a different IP address.

To test the Blocked Sites Fragment, I tried some sites after placing it A restricted list of internet options. KProxy simply ignored the file Shortlist. Everything worked fine so this part is working fine.

The only downside when using the online version is that you’ll get an ad banner right at the top of your screen, which will make your familiar websites look weird. But since the service is free and the providers need money to maintain the service, that’s not really a problem.

Check out the image above to get an idea of ​​what it looks like (click on the image to enlarge). YouTube appearance may be due to low CPU power. Please check your end and let us know if this is just my device or if KProxy is trying to load lighter versions of websites.

Suspension: You have to enable redirects if you want to use the online version, otherwise you will be stuck with the message “Loading…”.


The first time I ran surf.exe after decompressing the portable version, I opened Google Chrome in incognito mode. Please note that Google Chrome is not my default browser, so I assume it only works with Chrome and Chrome based browsers.

You will get a box with options regarding which proxy to use. Click the button to the left of the proxy server to connect to it. It also has other options that allow you to select your proxy. Check out the image below to see the box.

KProxy Review

With Chrome, when I tested my IP, it showed Germany. Also “” was not able to detect it as a proxy but it showed it as a router or something like a firewall. This part is also fine with Chrome and proxy still open, I tested my IP address on Firefox which was able to detect Hyderabad where I am writing this post. This proves that it only works on Chrome, even with a separate proxy.

KProxy – Conclusion and Free Download

Go here to get KProxy. It does what the developers of KProxy say. You can browse anonymously, but only in Chrome’s incognito mode. Other browsers won’t help you, but you can use the online version.

The online version of KProxy has a lock code. You can use it to switch between https (secure) and http (normal) mode. For maximum privacy, we recommend enabling it. You can also access Safe Mode by typing “” instead of “” in the address bar of your browser.

some questions

If I have three tabs open in any browser and I use KPROXY in one of them, will the other two tabs reveal who I am? How does KProxy work in this case?

Read our Spotflux review to see how it compares to KProxy. Another option is UltraSurf but it does not provide encryption unlike KProxy, which it does!

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