Cote d’Armor: The miserable life of six children of a family in Lumigne

The Court of Saint Brieuc had to sentence a couple with eight young children. © Stephen Le Tyrant

court From Saint Brieuc The Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Each correctional session pulls its share of trials, as we rub shoulders with miseryThe plightthey addictionThe anomaly And many other things… All walks of life are represented. All Narrative that it immersion in Globalism Different. but some Stories be harder To hear it and difficult to write.

This file is a file sad certificate. The Procedures who is this Husband influence border The Possible And the Victor Hugo Maybe he thought the court was judging me Tinarders. Unfortunately, the facts occurred in the municipality DroveClose Aloudand fine truly.

Six children were placed in a state of emergency

The Baba family, that his children a call ” president‘, you must answer facts from the extremist gravity.

subordinate hnf aggravating Six children between the ages of 3 and 9 ; subordinate Deprivation Care, food and hygiene. All this brought Judge children to me to ask they placement in intense urgency for the purpose of keep they safety physical And the moral.

The Mother From the family, which is also continued to same facts, did not concede to appear at the session. Her husband explains itShe had to take care of the other two ; subordinate infantaged 3 months

The president he is revenge With this excuse.

“When, like you, you have six children whom social services have placed in a state of extreme emergency following the violence, and furthermore in a legal relapse, you are trying to take some precautions to avoid getting your partner pregnant again! You are eight today. Do you think you will quit one day?” ”

The pill made Madame fat…

In response, the warned explain that graingrow ” Madam.

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it’s the Reports Submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office by educated From the school that put in the end the end of Golgotha subordinate 6 young Victims. Take the teaching staff consciousnessFrom long time, Emergency. but by afraid From RevengeNo one dared to speak. was the defendant a favour To be violent.

The Report Forensic Medicine Builds: shock Multiple lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); hematomas As a result of physical abuse. But also, signs Malnutritionbecause of Deprivation From food. All children are covered liceAnd the defiled pee in Clothes covered by dirt And all of them were starving.

This will bring an unbearable situation expert pronounce ITT 21-30 days.

“In the morning, we didn’t have breakfast. Nobody woke us up to go to school, so we were late. The director took care of feeding his animals and our mother stayed in bed to nurse the twins. Therefore, we waited for food in the canteen at noon, and then in the evening, we were often punished and deprived of food. Sometimes we had to sleep in the garage … “

little girl

Six children to rebuild

On June 21, the court may not rule fathers and mothersbut two warned, weak, selfish and unworthy, unable to bring a little love into this home full of life. Unable to detect the slightest feeling.

today, Six children trying to rebuildBy knowing what a smile is, by discovering that one does not have the right take hunger to me 6 years And beating is forbidden.

The prosecutor will not fail to notice the character Irresponsible defendants. It requires 12 months of probation for the lady, with commitments of care as well as a commitment to carry out a parenting education course.

suspended prison sentence

Regarding the “President”, it requires 4 years in prison including 2 years with a bond deposit in the Bar, accompanied by the revocation of a previous sentence suspended for 4 months.

The court will not follow the prosecutor into custody by issuing a verdict 36 months including 24 months suspendedcanceling a previous period of 4 months, the suspension From’Parental authority For 3 years say that Sorrow Can exchangeable.

The spouses will also have to pay an amount €25,000 under different Damage He will catch up with the children and will be asked to follow a Parental responsibility course.

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