Brick: “For a roof, money, or sex, when he wants something, he’s willing to do anything to get it.”

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the Quimper Criminal Court sentenced a 59-year-old man to a string of violent and sexual harassment. © Matthew Jin

Heavy weather Tuesday, June 21, 2022 AD court hall reformatory from court Kimber.

A 59-year-old man was tried Immediate appearance on time postponed for one chain of violence Committed in early May 2022 to Landrivarzek And the break.

Three victims, three women

The victims are three women: his mother, the latter’s helper for life and an alleged romantic relationship.

The white-haired defendant kept a little salt and pepper for a little beard little smile For most of his trial. However, the facts for which he was tried are serious.

Buckets of water on his 87-year-old mum

On May 7, early in the evening, he began attacking his 87-year-old mother. Walk with a walker. Christoph Lipetikorps, The president of the court is talking about it punches; Injury record: 15 days of total incapacity for work. “I shocked her a bit,” the person in question admits.

In the aftermath, the level of violence increased somewhat.

The next scene is amazing. Your mother was lying in her bed. I threw a bucket of hot water and a bucket of cold water on it. Then I forced her to make the bed again before throwing liquor bottles at her.

Christoph Lepetitcorps, President of the Court.

“I wasn’t in my normal state,” the defendant replied. This sentence appeared often in discussions. Without further explanation. “Before this violence, I would have asked her for money and she would have refused,” Christoph Lipetikorps explains.

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Defendant homeless. In this procedure, his sister paints an unpleasant picture. I mentioned in particular drinking problems his age Cannabis addiction.

Investigation for rape

The second episode of violence, still on until May 7, is in the home of a woman whose date she met twelve days ago, in a supermarket parking lot.

Since then, the same defendant has called her home several times. “At one point, we had intimate relationships,” he says.

On May 7, early in the evening, he ended up breaking into the victim’s home. received the last A barrage of insultsFrom border And the Spitting in the face. It’s about 11 pm.

It lasted until midnight. Then I dragged her to bed for non-consensual sex. However, these facts are the subject of further investigation.

Christoph Lepetitcorps, President of the Court.

At five in the morning, the beating resumes. The victim took refuge in a neighbor in the middle of the morning. been described 15 days of total incapacity for work.

female lawyer , Me Nassira Hajjibrings the point home: “As for the roof, or money, or sex, when this man wants something, he is ready to do anything to get it.”

sexual harassment

The third and final victim: another woman. On March 25, in the middle of breakShe is walking with her dog.

The defendant approached him and began to give him Inappropriate statements. Excerpt: “I would like to be the dog’s place to cuddle and sleep between your thighs. »

On April 19, he rebelled. They meet again on the street. The man calls him and makes him Inappropriate comments on his clothes. “Here, we’re beyond heavy tug,” poses Christoph Lipetikorps.

Even worse, the defendant went to the victim’s home and tried to force his way through.

There is the logic of predation.

The president of the court.

“I am disgusting”

This woman interferes with the accused’s mother. She helps him in life. “It is no accident. This is part of the stalking because this man is a real pig,” confirms this victim’s lawyer.

The prosecutor Beatrice Nectox Not satisfied with the respondent’s brief answers. “I said to the gendarmes: I am trying my luck … then I see. Either way, I am abhorrent.”

no sympathy

his life’s journey completely disassembled. You even said you were a pimp. You remember? asks the chief. An evasive response in the box.

His smile eventually faded during the civil parties’ pleadings. Their lawyers spoke of “beating”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office returns to sexual harassment.

We are no longer into intense flirtation. We are into the unbearable. This man also has absolutely no sympathy for the victims.

For the prosecutor, this is worth for two years And the Six more monthsaccompanied by a probationary period.

Two years in prison

the defense lawyer, Me Anis Dubois She has no easy task. She argues that her client had only one conviction in 2001 of driving under the influence.

As for the May 7 violence, there was undoubtedly an escalation in his head. It is by no means predatory.

I am defense attorney Anais Dubois.

ask the court House arrest with an electronic bracelet.

The court followed the prosecutor’s notes. After his release and for a period of two years, the fifty must work, care and compensate the victims.

Additionally he has no contact And the to appear in their home. is finally keep ban in Finistere for five years.

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