What type of server to choose?

The website is an essential presence for any type of business, regardless of its size and organization. Even physical stores take advantage of this immaterial display to reveal their offer to the world at large. The website must necessarily be hosted on servers for it to work. Knowing the different types of servers will help you choose the most suitable for your site or blog.

Web Hosting, What Exactly Is It?

Any website needs a web hosting to store all of its information and allow it to function. The web hosts Provides space on a server that is usually rented by one or more clients.

Renting this space allows you to build your own website using the included resources. It also provides Internet connectivity and Web space distributed on one or more servers in data centers that may be located in several locations around the world. These servers make it possible to place website content on the Internet, while managing its web traffic. The various elements of your site are then selected (text content, videos, images, downloadable files, etc.) stored on these servers.

The web hosting and server type are chosen according to the type of site you are building, the performance you are looking for, your security policy and other essential elements of a website’s success.

Most Popular: Dedicated Server and Cloud

Of all the existing types, the most popular are dedicated servers and cloud servers.

Dedicated Server

This is the solution suggested by the majority of web hosts It allows you to host your company’s website on a “personal” server that is only used by the client. This dedicated server offers the best options in terms of control and is especially recommended for large sites that generate very high traffic.

cloud server

This type of server can be configured to provide levels of performance, security, and control similar to those in a file Dedicated server. Instead of being hosted on physical devices used only by you, your site is located in a “virtual” environment, shared with other clients and managed by your cloud host.

Why are these types of servers so popular?

Both are fast spreading. It should be noted, however, that custom environments offer the possibility of fully customizing servers. This option is rarely found in cloud server hosting. The latter doubles the owners, while the dedicated server has only one. At this point in particular, the choice depends on security policy for your company. If it requires a single tenant environment, a dedicated server will be the only option.

Both types of servers are offered with usage-based pricing models. Both make it easy to divide resources.

computer server web hosting

Dedicated server hosting

This type of accommodation includes Full server rental with a web host. It provides the highest level of control, as the client is the only user and only their site is hosted there. A dedicated server also enables better data security.

The client can configure the entire server (operating system, configurations, applications, etc.). This gives him full access, allowing him to control everything from security to the operating system. The customer can fully improve their site and performance.

Dedicated server is suitable for all sites, but it is mainly used for High Traffic Sites Or that use a lot of resources. It is also preferred by those who need to be the only ones in charge of their servers. Note that a strong level of technical expertise is required for the ongoing installation and management of this type of server.

Cloud server hosting

In the new technology sector, cloud hosting is the latest trend. Its operation depends on several servers. Computers work together and run applications by combining their computing resources. this is hosting solution It operates through a network and allows companies to consume computing resource as a convenience.

This type of server has many advantages. It offers flexible hosting, where the customer only pays for what they use. Users can use as many resources as needed, without having their own IT infrastructure. The resources are thus distributed across multiple servers, thus the risk of downtime due to server failure is greatly reduced. The cloud server also supports large bandwidth differences.

It is especially recommended for developing companies and those who are looking for Flexible accommodation formula. It allows them to improve the performance of their platform without the significant costs associated with purchasing and managing a fully customized infrastructure. Adapts to their requirements and changing workload.

Cloud hosting is scalable. Even if your site continues to grow over time, you will only pay for the resources it uses.

Dedicated server website hosting

Shared server hosting

With this type of hosting, many clients use the same server. They all share The resources of this server, such as random access memory (RAM), central processing unit (CPU), storage, and bandwidth. Resource sharing allows hosts to offer plans at a relatively low cost.

Shared server hosting is inexpensive, but also easy to set up and use. It does not require technical knowledge, as shared hosting plans often come with many tools that are relatively easy to use. This includes, for example, website builders, WordPress hosting, and cPanel.

The relatively low price makes this hosting a great choice for young websites. It will be suitable for beginners and intermediate level accommodation. It is recommended for View sites Totaling less than 50,000 visits per month, moderately visited blogs, as well as moderately visited e-commerce sites with a limited number of products.

VPS Hosting

This solution falls somewhere between hosting on a dedicated server and hosting on Shared server. A VPS consists of dividing a real server into several virtual servers using a specific software (virtualization). It’s a good upgrade for those who previously hosted their sites on a shared server.

These virtual servers are set up so that they can run on different operating systems and restart independently. VPS hosting is a unique solution because every website is hosted on the server in its own space, even though it still shares a physical server with other users. Often it is compared to renting an apartment in a building: the user controls the part he rents, but cannot make changes to the building itself.

L ‘VPS Hosting It allows the user to precisely define his server parameters (installation, configuration, restart, shutdown). In addition to giving the user control of their own (virtual) server, VPS also offers a very good price/performance ratio.

This type of server is usually intended for those who do not have the skills and technical knowledge to use a dedicated hosting. VPS hosting combines the more expensive aspect of shared hosting with the level of control over dedicated hosting. Recommended for advanced users and those who want to install specific software and resources. Therefore it is intended for those who already have a good knowledge of system administration.

It will also suit site owners who are looking for an advanced level of control, but don’t necessarily need power and Dedicated server capacity. VPS hosting is suitable for medium-sized e-commerce sites, major community sites, as well as traffic display sites and blogs.

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What type of server to choose?

A variety of web hosting options allow you to choose a plan that truly suits your needs. All kind of plan and server used Meet the specific needs of different websites and platforms. Knowing what type of server is best for your website will require you to understand your needs.

The factors you will need to take into consideration are:

  • site type,
  • they resources neededAnd the
  • your budget,
  • Expected traffic.

Hosting on a shared server is most cost-effective for sites with low to moderate traffic. A VPS server is of interest to website owners who want something more advanced than a shared server, without necessarily needing a dedicated server.

Cloud hosting is recommended for sites and platforms that require rapid development scalable resources. Finally, hosting on a dedicated server is the choice of choice for heavy sites, which are heavily visited and use a large number of resources. It is also the type of hosting that gives you the highest level of control and security.

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