Livebox at a very competitive price

There is news that will make you smile! Orange player is currently showing a file Square view is hard to refuse Since it offers Livebox at a very attractive price. But be warned, this promotion is limited in time and ends July 12th. This leaves you a few weeks to work around this subscription. If you are still undecided, we will decode this Orange Internet offer for you and you will notice that it has many threads.

Full view with high productivity

Even if Livebox is the entry level offering from Orange, we can easily say that it holds its place among the best chests at the moment. At a very affordable price of €22.99 per month (for 12 months then €41.99 per month), it has all the benefits of a full and effective Internet subscription. Let’s talk about productivity first. with one The downlink and uplink speed is max 500Mbit/s in optical fiber, it widely supports multiple uses. So, it is no problem to watch a series on Netflix, play video games online and enjoy your favorite TV show simultaneously. Powered by high-performance Wi-Fi 5, the Livebox connection has the advantage of stability and reliability.

On the TV side, the Ultra HD 4K decoder, which is included in the Livebox display, can transmit up to 140 TV channels via Orange TV. But what we love most about this subscription’s TV offering is the TV decoder. In fact, the Ultra HD 4K set-top box, provided on demand, is in line with The latest Ultra HD technology To give you 4x clearer picture quality and fully immersive Dolby Atmos sound.

Since this is a three-play Internet box, it is also appropriate to talk about the phone connections and destinations included in the Livebox view. The Orange subscription allows unlimited calls to landlines in France and overseas departments. but that is not all. Livebox also includes unlimited calls to landlines in 110 international destinations (such as Alaska, Bulgaria, Wales and Iceland). Her little addition: Hey Allows you to call landlines in Tunisia On demand but also offers 10 hours of calls per month to Algeria landlines (on demand).

Livebox at €22.99 per month … only for web clients

If the offer is very attractive in terms of price, it is mainly because it is exclusive on the web. In fact, only customers who subscribe online via our website or through the Orange website will be able to take advantage of this exceptional discount. a Promotion not available in physical store So. Are you wondering if it is complicated to sign up for an Orange Internet Box online? We know very well that there is no simpler. All you have to do is select the Livebox offer at €22.99 per month, test your eligibility to use fiber and fill in all your details in the registration form.

What if you are still working with your old carrier? We still have good news for you: Orange reimburses up to 150 euros on the costs of termination of the previous operator. Moreover, Orange is the most generous in terms of reimbursement of termination costs because its competitors only reimburse ‘up to €100’.

Three good reasons to subscribe to Orange Box

In addition to offering various, complete and efficient internet boxes, it must be recognized that the Orange operator has many qualities. If you are still hesitant to subscribe to Livebox at €22.99 per month, here are, in our opinion, three good reasons to choose the Orange subscription:

  • For the quality and scope of the Orange network. The operator is one of the Internet access providers with the most comprehensive network in both ADSL and fiber optics. More than 30 million buildings can be connected to the Orange Fiber network and more than 6.3 million Internet users have signed up for the Livebox Fiber offer. Orange is currently the leader in the optical fiber market in France. If you live in a large city or in neighboring cities, So there is a good chance that your home will qualify for Orange Fiber Optics. Orange fiber optic offerings are also available in rural areas in certain areas. This is especially the case when the operator deploys or operates a fiber-optic network under contracts signed with local authorities.
  • To benefit from “excellent” customer service. Another good reason to subscribe to Orange Box: customer service. With the arrival of low-cost operators, without real customer service, it is becoming increasingly rare to be able to benefit from efficient and attentive customer service. If there are two qualities that distinguish a characteristic of Orange, it is responsiveness and efficiency. According to ARCEP, the policeman of communications, Orange is one of the operators that, according to the opinion of users of Internet funds, has the best customer service. Orange is one of the operators with the best brand image. This has been confirmed in customer satisfaction studies.
  • For reliable and efficient services. While customer service and network coverage are important, hardware reliability must also be considered. And once again, Orange scores points. The equipment offered by Orange as part of its internet offering consists of reliable, modern and above all ultra-stable equipment. With excellent speed and smart Wi-Fi, Orange Liveboxes easily support multiple connections, even within a large family.

As you understand, Livebox (as well as all other Internet offerings from Orange) are safe bets. This is why we advise you to get Livebox fast for €22.99 per month. Why quickly? Because this web exclusive will end on July 12th.

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