[Live Report] Snail Mail and The Goon Sax in Trabendo (Paris): the future of Indie Rock…

An evening of “future indie rock” at Trapendo Well filled with lively and cheerful young people, it was a pleasure to see. And if doubts persist about Snail Mail’s musical direction as of The Goon Sax, their future is promising!

Snail Mail at Trabendo – Photo: Robert Gill

While the early heat wave that has paralyzed much of France for the past three days marks the time, we can without fear of suffocation go and gather in the concert halls. And in Trabendo on Sunday evening of the second round of elections, we can vote for it snail mail – The Great Revelation of American Indie Rock According to Critics – or for Him The Jon Saks – The exciting Australian narrative where no more and no less than a son Robert Forster. An exciting double ticket for anyone interested in the music of today and tomorrow (…instead of yesterday’s music, which always attracts as many nostalgic audiences as possible…), a reliable alternative Rolling Blackouts CF who play at La Maro on the same evening…with the added bonus of being in the middle of a very small crowd in the room, an audience with LGBT undertones, a nice change from the gray crowd!

2022 06 19 The Goon Sax Trabendo RG8 p.m.: It’s hard not to be impressed by the high stature Louis Forsterand with a resemblance—and not just my voice—to his father, even if the little braids adorning his hairstyle set him apart from the straighter side of that dear Robert. triple JonesForresterHarrisonwho will spend 40 minutes of group The Jon Saks To replace their instruments, he is complemented by a very effective guitarist and keyboardist when it comes to striking aggressive strings.

Music The Jon Sakswas greeted enthusiastically by part of the audience – largely Anglo-Saxons, moreover – though they came in great numbers to snail mail. However, it gets more and more unsettling, playing on misalignments, inconsistencies, and vocal parts that aren’t afraid of falsehood. legacy Go Betweens Or the New Zealand school is always felt behind some sad and catchy melodies, behind certain lively rhythms, but The Jon Saks It gradually draws a different path, which is definitely less comfortable.

The group’s energy is felt, and their ability to perform “guitar music”, which may still lack a bit of maturity, is impressive at times. But only occasionally does the concert lack the fervor one would rightly expect from such a promising young line-up: the musicians don’t seem particularly happy to be playing this evening (Louis complains of the sweltering heat and his inability to wear his jacket which he bought for the occasion, but we suppose It’s a matter of humor…), and even if we note Louis Pape’s constant interest in Riley, and the complicity between James and Lewis, the group will lack that touch of life that would allow them to transcend the music’s creative annoyance. Let’s say maybe it wasn’t ‘good evening’ for him The Jon Saks.

2022 06 19 Snail Mail Trabendo RG

9:15 p.m.: The level of excitement, or at least the enthusiasm, has gone up quite a bit Lindsey Jordanan attractive and assertive little woman, and her snail mail. When we note that throughout the 65 minutes of the set, almost all of the audience will be singing, rather loudly, almost all of Lindsey’s song-texts, we can’t help but feel immense pleasure in rediscovering the reverence that real rock stars generate in their young audience.

2022 06 19 Snail Mail Trabendo RGWe’ll forgive the comparison, but this evening in Trabendo we found the same kind of generous faith that characterizes youth groups from girl in red For example, in the musical style, it is completely different. It must be remembered that unlike Marie Olvin RingheimLindsay defended herself from placing her homosexuality at the center of her discourse, from being the spokesperson for the movement (…even if, inevitably, a whole young man would identify himself in her texts!).

The first words of the group will be: Let’s go alone / Where no one can see us, dear / Careful in that room / Those parasitic cameras, won’t you stop staring at you? (Let’s go alone / Where no one can see us, dear / Watch out in this room / Can’t those stray cameras stop staring at you?) In the introduction Valentine’s Day. Late: ” Don’t you love me for me? Is there a better sense of cleanliness? / I know myself and I will love no one else / I will love no one else (Wouldn’t you love me for me? / Is there a better feeling than confessing? / And I know myself and will never love anyone else / I will never love anyone else) in the blow maiden. Or the ultimate logical journey from discomfort in a world where nothing is unseen and protected, especially a romantic relationship, to the comforting permanence of love. Either you speak directly to the heart of this young audience, gay or not, who face an increasingly hostile environment every day.

2022 06 19 Snail Mail Trabendo RGMusically, the group is even more surprising when you know only the very emotional independent people on Valentine’s album: rock, very rock sometimes even, with a young group that loves to get away, the concert snail mail Above all he plays the energy card…and Lindsay’s vocals, very particular, often resemble some kind of animal shriek, or at least visceral, with sometimes surprising vocal experiences. Then remember that if Lindsey quotes Elliot Smith where Fiona apples Among her influences, she also adores youth voiceAnd the bloody valentine where is the velvet. In short, the music snail mail He, this evening, is very far from the feminine of a folk based on sensitivity and ingenuity! Moreover, behind the smiles that Lindsey so generously presents to her audience, we regularly see the relentless artist as she stands out, not easy, raging about (small) technical issues that prevent her collection from being perfect.

In the middle of this hour and so of electric (Lindsey is an excellent guitarist and her impeccable solo interventions) and sideline (Lindsey’s ability to make it amazing!), we’d only qualify for two more intimate songs: Lindsey would explain to us, because she felt mysteriously ill this evening. She wasn’t sure she could play and sing on her own…

At the end of this racy, but sometimes a little dressed up ensemble – or it sounds like that to those of us who don’t know all the lyrics by heart! -, the case snail mail Less clear than we expected. If Lindsay’s talent can’t be questioned, it’s clear that she hasn’t found her way musically yet. But, at 23, how can you blame him?

Photographs: Robert Gill
Text: Eric Debarnot

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