A meeting with a distant one, between melodies and sadness

In the music world for nearly 10 years, Nao has always sung and composed her songs from the heart. After releasing his first English-language EP in 2018, and a great collaboration with Nekfeu or Chilla, the artist returns from Bordeaux in 2022 with the project. many. In this 8-track EP in French, she reveals all her facets and talents and makes her mark on the scene of the new French soul. An open heart discussion with Naë to discover!

Hi Naë, I released your EP many A few weeks ago, how do you feel?

I feel good. I feel relieved to launch this project. There is also excitement to see what she will present, to see how she will be received by the audience and what she will say in my songs.

I used to sing in English and chose to come back on stage and sing in French. In 2021, she released the first single from your EP: “flashWhat does this title represent to you and how did you think about it?

“Éclair” I composed with my right arm Plae Casi, the keyboard player on stage and my best friend in life. I composed it on my own at first and then went to the studio with him and we sketched it. I finished writing it with Jerome Attal, who is one of the team mates with whom I have been involved in writing a lot for the EP. For me, that title represents the first discourse between the time I was completely independent and where I was driving, and the moment of the day I fell for the teams. It’s kind of the first track that created that break. Beyond that, it’s an engaging path, on which I’ve been able to put more of my identity on. Even visually, I had a blast making a clip I wanted to do with Sydney. It symbolizes many good things. It is a text in itself that talks about love. I released it without introducing myself too much and from there I was able to build the EP creation process.

Can you tell us about the genesis of the EP and the story behind the title Many?

The EP was built on two great years of studio research, installations, and erasing. At one point the name Numerous came up because it’s about all of these pieces that seemed a bit eclectic but were in line with who I am in life. I am multiple, I have so many sides, so many desires and personalities that are sometimes contradictory. You have often felt out of step with the expectations of people or society that wants to put you in a box and choose you. I find it impossible to do. You embodied in music because you were asked to put yourself in a category. And for me it was against the proposal to justify it by name many. There is nothing constant in this word, nor closed thoughts. And I thought it fit the purpose of my project and the musical colors very well. It just randomly came to me from a discussion with a friend. I’m glad this EP made it to that because it helps me free myself even more for an upcoming album.

Do you have a song that you are most proud of?

“Le 13” is the piece I love the most. When I composed it, I wasn’t feeling well. And once you wrote it down, you’re better. And this case only, this paragraph, is very good. Tell yourself that music and writing are powerful tools.

And when you feel like you are carrying the weight of life on your shoulders, in desperation, write something for yourself. Without showing yourself, without telling you that it would be cool or if you were going to love it, just know that it makes you feel good. The fact that I fired this story which is so real and concrete, in which I tell myself, has made me a world of good. Oddly enough, even if I don’t believe in coincidence, it’s the piece that pleases the most. I got the most reactions from people who can recognize the song and even the melody. It’s the piece that I’ve been the most honest and toughest. This is why I like it.

I really like the song”the love And what do you say in it Do you think that love can conquer everything, that it allows you to overcome all obstacles?

yes. Say like that, it seems boat and utopian but it’s a reality. Because I’ve lived 26 years of life on Earth, I’ve come to realize that every time I’ve had one big hard blow in life that leaves you in a daze, good love, with the idea of ​​dignity and love that one gives oneself, but also love for the other, and the love of God, contributes and allows You go ahead. I am convinced that love is the most powerful weapon. But for that you have to really know its value. It’s not just a romantic relationship, it’s the love you love for yourself every single day. You must be driving. He is my main driver.

in the title”feather‘You say that we, as a woman, don’t choose the box we put in. What prompted you to write on this topic?

I co-wrote it with Jerome Attal, it came from a session we were doing in the studio. I really got the beat and the top line and found it a bit epic with the vocals. It came naturally because I needed to get out of the romantic relationship and talk more about myself, about myself and about my relationship with myself and what it means to be a woman in the eyes of society. I had this need to talk about it, it came from tired of the sad realization we live with on a daily basis. The male-female relationship of subordination, subordination, asymmetry, etc. It was important for me to do this on an EP because it’s a short format where you feel like you’re in a hurry. It’s like you only have 20 minutes to get a sound that allows you to get to know yourself, while the album gives you more freedom. But I had to incorporate this theme that would take on its full meaning into the album. It obviously influenced the rest of the album’s theme. I am completely out of the framework of toxic love, submission, and limitations. On the album I will address the aspect of determination, awakening and strength.

You have been making music for 10 years, how did you build your identity as an artist?

It was built by default, parallel to my human architecture. When I was 16, I had strong thoughts, I was going through difficult things. On the side, I had music that allowed me to relax, and had a lot of meetings and travel. From 16 years to today, 10 years later, he has been a permanent builder. Slow development on the human and technical level. I did not premeditately plan what I wanted to become. It happens naturally. The image I have today, can develop tomorrow. I just know that I have been able to feel that I belong, wherever I am. I think that’s what you find yourself in human and artistic.

Remember the moment you told yourself you wanted to completely immerse yourself in music and make it your job?

It happened when I was 19 or 20 years old. I passed my bac and did BTS MUC for a year in rotation. I loved the fact of working and doing concerts at the same time, but at some point I decided not to go to my sophomore year. I had friends in Purdue who were starting a company called Pepper Hills Music and they asked me to join them. This is where I really got to the deep end.

What songs did you listen to when you were young and what musical influences did you listen to growing up?

I have a father who is a musician, guitarist, and amateur singer. She embraced rock standards from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, and was a versatile mom and two big brothers to rock and rap. I had a range of musical possibilities and influences. It all came to me and I was a curious child who took what life gave her and did things with it.

When do you feel most comfortable as an artist: when you compose in your personal environment, when you play music live, in the studio…?

Even at night in my room with candles and incense. But also at night or day in front of a live audience where you are in the moment and in the moment, I feel the same satisfaction. Either way I feel good. And in the middle of that, the moments in the studio with the guys exchanging opinions and ideas, that’s cool too. I won’t be able to choose because all three are the perfect recipe for my well-being.

What do you want us to remember about you and your music after listening to your EP?

My first concern is for people to remember that I am a deep, honest and sensitive person. It’s okay to be sensitive. Let us also remember the feelings that my music can convey. If the person has chills or images in their head or if they are able to identify themselves or help them clear things up. I want people to remember that my music allows it too, without any pretensions. I believe that when you are honest and deep, your music is a mirror and people feel it.

What is your next news?

I’m dating, I open up to Christophe May and I get a lot of good vibes, I meet the public who are discovering my music and my world, it’s a great opportunity. And I’m in the studio, recording, writing. The idea is to launch a project that’s a bit bigger and tell myself more about it.

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