12 Surprising Things Men Hide From Women In A Relationship!

Not telling your partner everything that can happen in every relationship. For these gentlemen, there are “taboo” topics that they do not dare discuss with their half, whether out of fear or shame. In this context, today we focus on those things that men most often hide from women! light!

Why do men hide their feelings?

Men, like women, often hide their feelings for fear of suffering again, whether because they have already gone through a divorce or because of the difficulty of separation. How do you recognize a man who hides his feelings? Here are the signs that he is reticent:

  • He tries to impress you.
  • He’s nervous sometimes.
  • When he is with you shut up.
  • He never turned down your offers.
  • When he is with you, he subconsciously imitates your actions and gestures.
  • He plays half a fig and half a grape.

What about women? Are they less secretive?

What do women hide from men?

In total, these are 12 taboo topics that we discussed with gentlemen. This is enough to indicate that they are more careful at some points than women. Fearing offence or excessive humility, they rarely dare to break the ice. But what about the ladies? Are there things girls do in secret and hide from guys? Many of them prefer not to trust their doubts about the relationship with their partners. Others do not admit that they are attracted to another person. Likewise, a large portion of women do not want to be kissed by their better half. Anyway, if you want to have a good romantic relationship, then be aware that transparency and honesty are two key elements to keep in mind to achieve this.

12 things men hide from women

Things men hide from women

Have you been in a relationship for a few months and everything is going well? However, you feel that your partner is not 100% honest with you. So you can’t help but ask yourself the question: “Do we really have to say everything, baby?” Yes and No! To be honest, opinions on this differ. However, we’ve made sure to investigate it with some couples, and here’s everything the guys have told us. Some of their secrets are pretty amazing.

Their previous relationships

How do you recognize a man who hides his feelings?

Almost every man hides details about his ex-romance and ex-girlfriend. why ? Well, simply to avoid hurting his partner or being exposed to the scene of jealousy. Of course, some gentlemen are not afraid to talk about it if their partner is mature enough to understand it.

their partner to their loved ones

How do I get rid of the hidden psychology I am a victim of hiding

Over the past few years, all the weird behaviors that plague most romantic relationships have been given a new evangelical character. after l shadows (lack of courtship) or Bread crumbs (The relationship disintegrated into breadcrumbs), a new unpleasant situation took root between spouses: Hide (or step aside in English). We speak of it when a person outwardly hides his other half (relatives, family, etc.), whether under the pretext of modesty or precaution.

their sexual fantasies

What men hide from women

It turns out that one of the first things surveyed men admit that they hide from their partners is the fact that they watch porn regularly or occasionally dream about other women. But don’t panic! This is a fantasy where they find pleasure only in their imagination.

The money they are already spending

The forbidden topics that men hide from women

Men buy gifts or give money to their relatives without saying anything to their wives, for fear of telling them that it hurts the house expenses.

their exact salary

Why do men hide their salaries from women?

Most men don’t like to talk about exactly how much they earn per month. It’s the same principle for women who don’t want to specify their exact ages.

Their fears and trust issues

What men hide from women

Men also have fears and trust issues. They may be afraid of losing their jobs but they don’t dare admit it.

What do they hate about your loved ones?

Things that a man hides from a woman

Your husband respects your family, but that doesn’t mean he should treat them like his parents. Perhaps he also hates when the in-laws make surprise visits. However, he does not dare to admit it.

The fact that they have an account on a dating site

Why do men cheat on women?

No man has the courage to say that he has an account on a dating site, for fear that this will lead to serious problems in the relationship. Unless you met your girlfriend through a dating appAnd the man does not reveal this secret.

What do they hate about you?

Why do men hide things from women?

They have doubts about your relationship

What do men hide from women?

The fact that they want (or don’t want to) have another child

Secrets men keep from women

The fact that you can’t cook

All what men hate in women

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