Laetitia Servières (Large Families) Proud of Her Tribe of 9 Kids, Responding to Criticism

In a program Big families, life in XXL Since March, Laetitia and Sebastien Servier now have a loyal community and it must be said … few detractors. Asked about this before TV 2 weeksThe mother has set the record straight.

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A mother with an unwavering smile. For three months now, TF1 viewers have been following the adventures of six new families in Season 5 of Big families, life in XXL. The couple settled in Ariège several years ago, and the Servières couple created a little cocoon there, made up of eight children smiling like their parents and the ninth on the way! On June 15, Laetitia was captured TV 2 weeks Around Ibn Linyi’s problems, which is a sensitive topic that I just mentioned in today’s episode. Today, the 37-year-old mum recalls with great emotion the fierce criticism she received at the start of the broadcast. Fortunately, she can count on the infallible support of her husband, Sebastian.

“We feel so watched when we go out with the family!”

What do you think of your time? Big families, life in XXL ?

We’ve taken in our lives for our TV show, we’re just the same! Seeing each other is really weird. Even today, it is strange to see and hear each other. I don’t think we still realize we’re on TV, and we’re not used to it.

This new fame are we used to it?

It’s true that we feel so watched when we go out as a family, telling ourselves that people should definitely recognize us for insisting like this. They often walk away without necessarily talking to us, but it does happen, yeah. Already dozens of people have come to see us to congratulate us, to take a picture, that kind of thing. He is so much fun, he always makes us happy. I am a person who speaks easily, so it highlights more the relationships we have with people from our village.

Your last daughter’s ears were pierced to follow Spanish tradition. Was it important to you?

Among the Spaniards, the ears of all girls are pierced from an early age. It’s a tradition we like to repeat, it’s beautiful, it’s a face… We do it in principle around the age of 1 year. Nobody gets away from it! And my mother speaks a lot of Spanish, she is associated with this culture, so children often hear this language at home. Moreover, some felt that she was forced to do it when she didn’t do it at all, and she wasn’t shocked by a penny, but rather wanted to come back!

“The criticism hurt me so much…”

How do you deal with criticism directed to your family?

In the early days, I had a lot of problems with critics, it hurt me a lot. I took everything very seriously, the first three days were difficult. I had a hard time taking a step back. Today I learned where not to go to read this stuff. There are always a few criticisms we face, but I no longer go where I know my family will be criticized. I took the hit and now I’m laughing at it. Most of the time, it’s unfounded, people criticize things they don’t know anything about… and then, at first, we got the impression that all of our episodes revolved around our savings, and our small budget, but thankfully things calmed down after that.

You are often accused of having children to benefit from social assistance, so what do you have to say about this?

Living on family allowance is not possible. When we take good care of our children, this money is a great help, but it is used wisely and will be lost even after that. Help is not everything! We are fortunate to have them but we have aid that fits 8 children so we don’t have more money or aid than families with 3 children. These prejudices are unfounded. We don’t make money for our kids, and we can also have tough ends of the month. If that were enough, my husband wouldn’t work!

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