Heat wave: What not to do to your children, all parents are wrong

The heat is more and more unbearable at the moment in France, but this does not prevent us from enjoying the sunny days. Especially since there are several ways to protect us from the sun’s rays such as using ointments or the fact that we moisturize as much as possible.

What you should not do

Sure, many parents are also trying to protect their little ones this summer, but they still think twice before doing something they might regret later.

Among the things not to try: Watering your child from a garden hose or fighting water fights in the garden. Of course, this method can be fun and refreshing at the same time, but know that it can also be dangerous. Even American firefighters are the ones confirming this.

The Las Vegas Fire Department claimed on their Twitter account that a child died after being burned with water from a garden hose. They went on to explain the importance of always letting the water run out of the hose before spraying it on a young child, animal, or even an adult.

Source: Pexel

The firefighters also specified that during this heatwave in Las Vegas, “a garden hose exposed to the sun can heat the water” in the hose up to 50 or even 60 degrees Celsius”, which could cause burns especially in children and animals.

Other things not to do during this heat wave

Moreover, not only is watering with a hose dangerous during this heat because there are also other things that should not be done. The first is to drink ice water. Of course, it can refresh us when we do this, but be aware that drinking ice water also represents violence to the body and the organism. And for good reason, it can disturb the heart rhythm and not refresh us at all.

Therefore, the editorial staff always advises you to drink water at a normal temperature to avoid any danger. Note that sweating as well as sweating is what refreshes us. Then, during this summer period, also avoid drinking fruit juice or beer.

In fact, the sugar in fruit juices causes the pancreas to work unnecessarily, while alcohol can hydrate us and have a diuretic effect. Therefore, after drinking beer, it is necessary to drink plenty of water.

Source: Pexel

Avoid taking a cold shower

In addition to the above, you should also know that eating enough food is essential during this heat wave. Because we all know that heat can make us lose our appetite sometimes, but we should always try to make sure that the food we eat is enough, so as not to weaken the body. Especially since calories are important to beating the heat.

Pointing a fan only at us is also one of the things not to do during this season when the heat is everywhere. It is true that fans are very useful things during this time of year, but avoid installing them only on yourself when using them, as this can cause you to catch a cold, even if the sun is hot. It’s best to let the fan go off and sweep the room you’re in, not just over yourself.

You can also place a wet towel or ice cubes in front of the object to make it feel more refreshing. In addition, also know that taking a cold shower during a heat wave is not at all advisable. This results in a thermal shock from hot to cold during the shower, and then from cold to hot once the shower is over.

Therefore, the body will consume a lot of energy to do temperature regulation. Also, avoid closing the windows at night during the summer period in order to ventilate yourself. In particular, you can place a damp cloth in front of your window to freshen the air.

Finally, avoid physical exercise during a heat wave, because you know the air is often polluted during this time. Therefore, it may have consequences for your health if you run in the city during this heat wave.

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