Father of two children separated by one month, shocking discoveries

This Thursday, June 16, the channel W9 Broadcast a report on Michel Sardo. A great singer distinguished a whole generation of people. The documentary was titled Michel Sardo: The Indomitable And he recalled his career and important events in his personal life, especially when he became the father of two children separated by only a month … Indeed, in this article we will not dwell on his long career that he was known and recognized by everything, but rather in his own field, which is full of pitfalls!

Michel Sardo tumultuous love life!

Today, Michel Sardo is a wiser and more peaceful man who enjoys a quiet life in the Normandy region. In fact, he turned away from rhinestones and sequins to go green with his charming wife, Anne-Marie-Pierre. But, even at the age of seventy-five, there is absolutely nothing for granted. In fact, it threatens to shoot“… For a reminder, Michel Sardo had three wives in his life and many conquests… In fact, he married the dancer Françoise Petrie for the first time in 1965. Together, they have two daughters, Sandrine born in 1970 and Cynthia born in 1973.

After their divorce, he married artist Elizabeth Haas, nicknamed Babette, in 1977. The couple has two sons. Roman, born in 1974, and Davey in 1978. They stayed together for 20 years, but this story also ended in divorce in 1999. The singer wasted no time, because on October 11 of the same year he put the ring on the finger of Anne-Marie Perrier, former editor-in-chief for the magazine she.

One thing is for sure, it wasn’t always easy and he had to overcome setbacks and setbacks. For example, his second marriage ended due to his infidelity, but he was also disturbed by the rape of his daughter. Despite the difficulties, you have to know how to keep the best, especially when he becomes a father. One of the greatest adventures in the world! Moreover, Michel Sardo became a father after thirty days… How is this possible? We tell you!

Record holder in France!

As described above, Michel Sardo married his first wife in 1965 to Françoise Petrie. Two children were born from the fruit of their love, Sandrine and Cynthia. But just one month after the birth of his second daughter, a singer, love disease He becomes a father again for the third time…just 30 days away between his second and third child!

In fact, Michel Sardo had already started an affair with Elisabeth Haas de Babette whom he later married. ” The second daughter he had with his first wife, Françoise, was born 30 days before he had his first son, Babette. This means that in France it is the man who holds the record for having two children for 30 days apart from two different women of course. It’s amazing, he did 2 clinics in 30 daysExplained by Fabian Lekoufer, author of the book The true story of the songs of Michel Sardo.

Michel Sardo, a man of a woman…

In any case, the singer is not a loyal man of what we see. In fact, with Elizabeth Haas, they have two sons and 20 years of love. But after 20 marriages, they separated due to the artist’s many infidelities. ” I had adventures on the right, adventures on the left. It was easy…Is it a disease of love? Today, he admits that he regrets his actions, but he cannot go back. This person had the opportunity to find love alongside journalist Anne-Marie Perrier. We hope this time he will not make the same mistakes Once again, the future will tell!

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