With whom does the singer share his life?

Nothing predestined Solomon for such success. In fact, he would never have imagined achieving this much success, even if he dreamed of it since his childhood. In any case, today he is a well-known artist in the middle who knew how to surround himself with the right people and charm the hearts of the French. In his personal life, he also seems to be very satisfied. Moreover, he is only discovering paternity for the first time. But who is his companion and the mother of his daughter?

Solomon is a perfect man in every respect!

Suleiman was born on October 13, 1989 in Chell, in the Paris region. He discovered during his adolescence that he had a passion for singing and therefore decided to join the gospel choir. Once he had his bac in his pocket, he studied at several music schools for three years. As of 2009, he will share the songs he performs on social networks. Only a long time later, he finally broke into the art world. In fact, in 2016, he participated in the fifth season of the sound This is his dedication. Indeed, he wins the singing competition and a new page is opened for him. In the same year, he released his first album. Today, Solomon is the boss of belgium voice. The artist has several hats. In fact, he is a singer, songwriter and even an actor. Solomon has already won awards. Thus, everything is rolling in in his career. And on the side of his personal life, everything seems to be going in the best of worlds…

Who is Solomon’s friend?

Not a secret. Solomon is in a relationship and has just welcomed his first child, a baby girl. On the other hand, he remains very conservative about his private life and it is impossible to get his hands on the image of his companion. In fact, he never revealed his identity. For a while, there was a rumor that he was in a romantic relationship with Vitaa, as the two performers of the duet often sang. But they are just friends. In fact, the beautiful woman is married and a mother of three children by her side. But, then, do we have any clues about the potential woman in his life?

Solomon in the market of celibacy or a heart already taken?

The puzzle remains! In fact, some time ago, Solomon swung that he was single. But he did not give up and was already talking about starting a house. Here are his words at that time: “I am sure I will have little boys although I would like to have little girls too. I already have three first names: Delaney, Adam and Noe.” Thus, he was already highlighting himself in fatherhood when he wasn’t even in a relationship. Perhaps his answer to celibacy was to banish journalists? Anyway, evolution…

Surprise: He’s a father!

On Thursday, January 27, 2022, Suleiman spoke on social networks and made an amazing announcement Instagram. The singer became the happy father of a princess named Esmeralda. The beginnings weren’t easy, because her daughter arrived two months ago. It was the happiest day of his life and at the same time he was very sad because of prematurity. She was having trouble breathing and eating. Today, everything is back to normal and she appears to be in good health.

Anyway, this means that there is already a mother in the area! But, even today, it is impossible to know if he was in an affair with his daughter’s mother or if he was a single father. No statement came out of his mouth and no photo circulated on the web… Sure enough, he’s a top secret that protects his back very well. old saying: “To live happily, live hidden” Looks like he’s applying for Slimane!

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