Here’s how CyberGhost VPN is revolutionizing web browsing

Online anonymity and freedom are now within everyone’s reach thanks to CyberGhost VPN and its 8000 servers located in 91 countries.

VPNs are useful software in many areas of our digital lives. These tools are designed above all to ensure our security on the Internet and connected applications. To this end, the VPN protects personal data and maintains the privacy of Internet users in order to avoid any inconveniences such as hacking, spying or rape.

But VPNs have many other advantages as well: they allow us to bypass geo-blocking and indulge in various activities. Among the latter, we find downloading torrents or live broadcasts. In 2022, there is one standout provider: CyberGhost VPN.

6800 servers

90 Countries covered

45 days satisfied or refund

7 simultaneous connections

Monthly price

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CyberGhost: Many Features in One برنامج

If we provide you with CyberGhost for your downloads and streaming sessions, it is because this software is really optimized in these areas. First, note that CyberGhost has more than 8000 servers, across at least 91 countries around the world. This geographical coverage is excellent and very rare in the world of VPNs.

This will allow you to block all geoblocks and, accordingly, access all sites such as Sci-Hub from France for example, but also foreign catalogs for platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu. If you are a fan of streaming, you should know that many of these platforms offer geographically limited content, that is, they are intended for internet users in certain countries.

CyberGhost also has servers optimized for this use, for a unique experience. The app also enables high-quality downloads thanks to its powerful servers optimized for torrenting activities. Not all VPNs support P2P traffic, so this is a huge advantage that CyberGhost gives you.

Note that CyberGhost offers high-speed connectivity on all of its servers and unlimited bandwidth. This way, you will be able to download quickly, and you will not experience any exaggerated latency when watching streaming videos, even in HD.

Finally, know that another element makes all of this more appealing: CyberGhost’s current promotion. Le VPN is offering a limited time 83% instant discount plus 4 months free on its 3-year plan. A 40-month subscription will cost you just €77.61 (or just €1.94 per month), compared to around €480 in normal times.

If CyberGhost is so highly regarded in the VPN world, it’s also because its app is high-quality and easy to use, even for beginners. The latter adapts without worry to all your devices, for unlimited use: your computer, tablet and smartphone, but also your game console, smart TV and even a router.

To enjoy it on all your connected devices, CyberGhost allows up to 7 simultaneous connections, which will allow you to cover all your family members, and even help out your friends at no cost.

Safety, don’t forget, though

If CyberGhost VPN is excellent for streaming and downloading activities, we should not forget that VPNs are primarily software designed to ensure your security on the Internet. And CyberGhost hasn’t forgotten about it: with this VPN, you’ll be as protected as possible. In fact, once activated, it sets two actions:

  • It encrypts your browsing data using the best AES-256 cyber security algorithm.
  • It hides your IP address, in order to preserve your identity and location.

So, you will be safe from hacking dangers, you will be able to browse completely anonymously, but also, prevent advertisers from directing ads directed to you.

For optimum protection, the app integrates a Kill Switch option, which consists of suspending your traffic in the event of an accidental outage from the VPN. Thus, your data and your IP address will not be disclosed, even temporarily. And sometimes on unsafe downloading or streaming sites, this is very much appreciated.

In terms of confidentiality, CyberGhost is also irreplaceable, as it gives you the advantage of a strict no-logs policy and therefore does not keep any information regarding your online activity. Knowing that with the current promotion of CyberGhost, the latter can be accessed for just 1.94 euros per month instead of 11.99 euros, which is more attractive.

Finally, note that this program has a 45-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee, allowing you to get started without risk.

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