3 tips to avoid inflammation every time for a man you just met

If you are tired of getting your heart broken because you get carried away too quickly, you are the type to fall in love and have very strong feelings but unfortunately direct them to the wrong people or at least to the emotionally unavailable guys these tips will help you a lot.

Yann Piette, who presents himself as a seduction coach and has been giving his advice for several years on his YouTube channel, posted an interesting video explaining what he thinks is absolutely necessary to stop doing it so as not to impress a guy.

Why is it better not to ignite too fast at first?

Obviously the problem isn’t the intensity of the feelings you feel or even the speed with which you fall in love (or that you know you’ve really fallen into a whole new crush), but rather the risk of investing – emotionally with someone who won’t continue the relationship with you, or on the same level Emotional investment and commitment.

Ce qu’il faut éviter à tout prix, c’est le décalage entre votre investissement personnel et émotionnel dans la relation et celui de la personne que vous venez de rencontrer ou avec qui vous n’avez en tout casire pas relation de encore émar In the strict sense of the word.

This is necessary for several reasons, the first of which is not to suffer unnecessarily because everyone who has been out there knows it: having a broken heart hurts so much, and lowers one’s self-confidence to six feet underground. A long, long time to conquer, when you get there.

The second reason is how much energy it takes to invest so much in someone: Giving the time and energy to a healthy, positive working relationship is so much fun and so worth it. On the other hand, giving too much energy and attention to a relationship that won’t last and may be toxic or a nuisance has absolutely no use.

It’s best to avoid it at all costs and take some precautions to protect yourself. Yann Piette offers 3 common-sense tips for getting there:

1. Not getting emotional investment

At least not more than that between dates while avoiding wasting his attention, energy and focus on him, especially avoiding the gap between his investment in this relationship and your investment in this relationship.

2. He put his life before himself

This is really an essential point that must always be respected: do not stop all your activities, all your projects, all your plans after only a few dates, because again you risk hanging yourself (which is never useful to anyone) what is more a man will never do the same for you , and that would be a real shame, not to mention that you might really regret if (or when) the relationship ends.

3. Ask yourself if we really chose her

If not, leave all dating opportunities open. And if that’s the case, check before proceeding with anything that you really are on the same wavelength, and be wary of the natural emotional process that invades us when we have a crush on someone.

Keep in mind that we haveThe calf in love causes the release of chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, testosterone or even vasopressin) Acting as a real magic cocktail especially prevents you from feeling mistrust or suspicion towards a potential partner.

this is ” I love filter Hormones really distort our judgment and cause us to see things in a very positive way in spite of ourselves, by perfecting the person completely, the bond we have created and the relationship that can result from it.

Before making an important decision, then it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions, to check whether you really chose him, that everything is going well after several dates, that you are compatible, and if yes, that he really chose us by showing signs of interest Very strong and tactile.

To get a more comprehensive and objective viewpoint, it is important to ask yourself these questions after you have had several dates together, and especially after seeing it outside the context of seduction, i.e. in situations that enhance nature, real and honest exchanges, and that really allow you to get to know each other better. Better by bypassing the superficial trade-offs that are often associated with the seduction stage.

And to better protect yourself and avoid investing in a vacuum, find out now IAre signs that you are at risk of developing a broken heart? And the The most effective method of seduction.

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