What is Drake’s new album, frankly, worth Nevermind?

Just nine months after his latest album and without it being announced, Canadian rapper Drake released a new Opus last night, Honestly, don’t bother, Dedicated to Virgil Abloh. The surprise was twofold. The 35-year-old artist abandons hip-hop’s “ego trips” for a sad, deep home with spiritual and existential overtones.

No one expected Canadian rapper Drake to release an album on Thursday, June 16 at midnight. His last long formatAnd the Certified Boy LoverHe was only nine months old, which seems to count since the cover showed twelve pregnant women. Does this speed mean that the artist did things in half? The least we can say is that the debate hardly rages on on social networks. To some fans, Drake’s products sound like elevator music or tracks created specifically for TikTok. Others cry out for genius and lifesaving risk.

What is certain is that the collaborator with Rihanna, Future and Beyoncé knows how to reinvent himself. on me Honestly, don’t bother, No extremism or mood tube one dance (2016) not heard. Electronic sounds, Deep House, Lo-fi pop, R’n’B, dance and downtempo (far from thundering hip-hop productions right now) turn out to be sad and atmospheric. We’re Almost Seeing A Return To Drake’s Solo “Low” passion fruit (2017). It’s as if the 35-year-old artist has gone too far in cliched music videos and ego trips. And it resets the counters after a psychological and technical detox.

Drake accompanied the release of this seventh disc with a long and somewhat cheerful poetic statement shared on Apple Music, Which says more about the state of mind of an artist who puts his kingdom on the line. And he asks a lot of questions about his life, his friends, and what really matters. “I let my humility turn numb sometimes, Analyse , Letting time pass knowing that I have the stamina to keep going. I work with every breath of my body because it is work, not air, that makes me feel alive.

As if he were enlightened about the meaning of his existence and the shallowness of his environment, the music industry adds the artist, whose fortune is estimated at $180 million. : “It sucks, but my perfectionist mind doesn’t really bother me because no one knows what I’m thinking when I go to bed at 9 and wake up at 5 – unless I say it in rhyme. I came here for being real / I didn’t come here because I’m blind / I know what’s standing next to me and especially who’s standing next to me / Honestly… it doesn’t matter. Dedicated to our brother V (The letter “V” stands for the late Virgil Abloh, NDR). “

Without flashy features (21 Savage only appears on the last track, the only true rap title on disc, Jimmy Chefs And Congolese singer Mukengerwa “Tresor” Riziki on currentssincere and profound Honestly, Nevermind Name it appropriately. Between existential midlife crisis and spiritual awareness, he highlights the sublime and versatile voice of the Canadian who here in turn recalls the voice of Kanye West (in his most religious of songs) and that of Craig David. And the artist shows that he knows how to sing as well as sing, revealing the qualities of a singer from the era of the “vocoder”.

Ethereal deep house products feel like a codeine rave in the early morning or a bittersweet flat after a party.. We are more in the dark of Berghain in Berlin than in an open air club in Ibiza. Honestly, Nevermind Sounds like a sad record and post-party hangover. It’s also perhaps the first album, since the beginning of the pandemic, that best sums up how everyone felt when we were told that clubs were closing down and that the Baschelon concerts were over.

For once, Drake, who pays tribute to Virgil Abloh (Sampling his voice on the influencer sticky and record-sign it) and evoke the confinement of rappers Young Thug and Gunna, not only singing about his own torments, that of a millionaire shedding a few tears in a glass of champagne, in a VIP room, because Rihanna left for him. Even if the words speak of a complex love affair, the plight of an entire generation sacrificed and numbed by the virus (among other pests) he writes in a weak voice and depressed heartbeat. “Time does not heal / Time reveals / How you feel / You feel nothing.“Time does not heal, but music that comes from the deepest bowels of a rapper with a melodious flow, does.

Honestly, Nevermind (2022) by Drake, available on all platforms.

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