INFO THE DEPECHE. In Lot, kindergarten children were allegedly abused by their teacher

Six complaints were lodged against a teacher at a rural school in the Lotte district. Suspected of having contact with children. La Dépêche collected the testimonies of the parents.

Shocked, three of the six families whose children had been abused by their teacher, testify. The facts they tell are consistent. Convinced that their 3- to 4-year-olds are telling the truth, they have taken legal action. Exclusively, La Dépêche was able to collect their comments and read the minutes of these complaints.
Their children who were educated in a rural school in Lot, in the kindergarten, reported gestures that the prosecutor, Alexander Rossi, described as “abnormal behavior in contact with children”.
The prosecution at the Cahors Court must issue a decision within 15 days as to the follow-up to be conducted in this case. If items and tangible evidence come to support the testimonials, Justice will be able to proceed, without which the file may become inadmissible.

It is unimaginable for those families who entrust their young children with trust and who fear they will not be taken seriously. And the victims are more numerous.

“The master made a big mistake, but you shouldn’t say that, it’s a secret.”
One mother said the voice was cut with emotion. “During the Christmas holidays, my son told me: Mr. Zizi touched me. I try to interrogate him, but he shuts down and does not talk about the matter again. After an absence for family reasons, he returns to his class in March, he is very happy. However, the next morning, when He saw the master at the entrance, panicked, and began to weep, scream, and beg for me to stay with me, ”recalls the young lady. “At noon, we had lunch, and suddenly he said to me: The master has made a great mistake, but you must not say that, it is a secret.”
At the end of the day the child complains of pain in his penis. His parents began to question him and drop the punishment, as in December: Mr. Zizi touched me and the others.”

In this grade of kindergarten, six families filed a complaint. The parents fear that the number of victims will be greater.
In this grade of kindergarten, six families filed a complaint. The parents fear that the number of victims will be greater.

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Every time the same stories appear. As for this little girl, who was also the victim of this teacher, according to her mother. “Her classmates said she had been beaten, I found out when I got to school. Terrible shock. Then on Friday night my daughter was in pain, her private parts completely red, but she was telling me not to worry that the master had put some cream on her. In the hospital emergency room. A doctor examines him and brings a medical certificate indicating external lesions. ”

First facts dating back to January
For these parents, the world is falling apart. “We were destitute, terrified,” admits one of the couples who refuse to acknowledge the child-fabrication against the master. “No, offend a parent, we can’t hear it. Not at that age, nor on such facts, and not repeating the same story for weeks and weeks. We can’t doubt the words of all these kids!”
Especially since the other facts reported by a student of this kindergarten date back to January. Still shaky, her mother gives birth to them like this. He said to me: The master caressed my buttocks and touched my penis. But it’s not good, you shouldn’t say it. In the nursery, I was told not to worry that at that age his body would find out that they were childish gestures and that they would be very vigilant. It took this March call for us to finally understand it. From that day forward, he never set foot in this school again.

All of these children were supported by liberal therapists. At least two of them were going to report directly to the justice system.

In order to ensure anonymity for the identities of the children and the presumed author (as a reminder, he is innocent as long as the court does not find him guilty of the facts), the editorial staff chose not to locate this school in Patch.

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