Are the French the most treacherous in the world?

They lived happily and had many lovers.

Today we will talk… betrayal And the marital relations. You may have already wondered in which country is the most deceived, or even which is the most open to non-exclusive relationships – believing in your heart that France has ousted all the countries of Europe. To delight curious little ones, Glidden Unveil it European Infidelity Observatory 2022 (In cooperation with YouGov), and an analysis of how infidelity is perceived, practiced and experienced in post-Covid Europe*. Ready to satisfy your curiosity?

Are we satisfied with our marital and sexual life?

Glidden went there step by step, first assessing the level of satisfaction with the married life of Europeans before considering their infidelity (the result of this dissatisfaction). On the positive side, Europeans seem to be somewhat satisfied with their romantic relationship: this is the case for 85% of Spaniards and Britons, 31% of French, and 75% of Italians.

Negative point: They will be less happy from a sexual point of view. While 82% are completely satisfied with their current relationship, only 20% of Belgians consider themselves very satisfied sexually. The French (66%) are happy with that.

The most treacherous country in Europe is…

As mentioned earlier: this resentment generally leads to infidelity. The country that won the first place of the most treacherous – being the least emotionally and sexually fulfilled – is none other than Italy. In fact, 49% of Italian men and 41% of Italian women admit to cheating on their partner. Perhaps this number is related to the fact that it is difficult to get a divorce today. In Spain and the UK (the most successful countries in their relationships), 46% of men and 38% of women admit to being unfaithful. France ranks in the European average with 42%.

The French, these secret little ones

However, are the French the most willing to have an affair? yes. The French seem to be fond of secret extramarital affairs (one does not need to know everything all the time). 31% of French men think they can be unfaithful…if they are sure no one will know! With this result, France gives its English and Spanish neighbors (17%).

Towards the end of loyalty in Europe?

Violation of the principle of sexual exclusivity can occur between spouses once… or more. 22% of French, Belgians and Italians believe that it is impossible to be loyal to the same person all your life. A thought carried mainly by men.

After that, everything depends on your vision of infidelity. For some, texting someone else is actually a scam. For others (mostly) it’s regular (or not) physical contact with another partner. We all have our opinion on this topic, but Germans are generally more open about it. In addition, 67% of English people believe that sending sexual messages to someone other than their partner can actually be considered infidelity.

Another notable fact is that the infidelity of European women is on the increase, and is even ahead of the infidelity of men. As in the United Kingdom for example, where 41% of women admitted unfaithfulness against 39% of men.

What about free couples, swing and polygamy?

Are we moving towards Europe less and less monogamous? It turns out that it was the French who lived the most about these non-exclusive relationships. : 18% have already entered into this type of relationship and 13% are interested in it. On the other hand, the British are the least fond of these pairwise forms (7% will have already tried it and 12% will be inclined to do so). But the French – again – men (35%) and women (17%) consider it a good solution to experience sexual practices that their partner does not want to try. Some (27%) believe it is a way to ease the relationship without having to separate, and others (26%) admit that they do not believe in long-term monogamy.

*This study was conducted with a representative sample of more than 6000 people, mixing French, Belgian, German, Italian, Spanish and English.

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